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March 26, 2019, 11:47:30 pm
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Author Topic: Regarding 'Star Control: Origins' and Stardock  (Read 18070 times)
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Re: Regarding 'Star Control: Origins' and Stardock
« Reply #60 on: October 16, 2018, 01:59:21 am »

With regards to my *private* venting
It should be noted to the public that Mr. Wardell and many of his own staff and supporters made claims on discord such as there is no such thing as private, that Mr. Wardell is open and that he has nothing to hide and has been continuously praised by his own staff and players for being open. So the fact that he is only now citing the privacy of his own company he prided for being open as a point of contention and only shortly after he made audacious claims about controlling the existence of a community in a maniacal manner should be an additional cause for concern over the integrity of his claims.

As yet another cause for concern, this quote

This doesn't make it okay to even entertain such opinions.

undermines the fact that Mr. Wardell himself made claims about Fred and Paul without the evidence to prove them, which is different than a mere rant since it is the basis of arguments in Stardock's claim filed against Fred and Paul, such as that Fred and Paul were not creators despite testimony from their former staff and despite that they have openly displayed pages upon pages upon pages of their original draft work on their blog. This is along with stating that Fred and Paul are rich as a means of undermining their funding campaign despite Mr. Wardell's admission that his own company will pay little or nothing for the lawyers taking on his company's case.

Upon asking the CEO whether he would protect the fan community by putting it in writing, he refused to and said he "can't make any promises". A loose forum agreement that is not a contract in writing has no chance of being enforced. So both months ago and recently, there is a trend that he refuses to officialize protecting the community. Extrapolating this pattern means he does not intend to in the future and could simply be waiting to attempt pulling the plug until after everything with Fred and Paul is settled since his own team can't actually confirm Stardock owns anything here until after the trial.

At this point, there is no reason to hope that
that Mr. Wardell is a lawyer, there is no reason to hope Mr. Wardell is a lawyer. There is a minor claim of trademark confusion due to a flier sent out by Fred and Paul for which they will most likely be asked to rename their project, but beyond that, fans of any kind of project have the freedom to express their opinions about it. It seems most of what he says is a simple scare tactic to garner sales by making them give up or turn them against Fred and Paul or simply just to advertise the existence of his game. Considering his opinions though, he would have shut down this community long ago if he actually owned it. Due to that same freedom, he can also say just about whatever he wants regardless of if it's true or not, there is no reason to take everything he says at face value.
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Re: Regarding 'Star Control: Origins' and Stardock
« Reply #61 on: October 16, 2018, 06:24:21 am »

seems there is a growing problem with nvidia gpus and overheating with this warned
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