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Title: Some questions, comments, etc.
Post by: michael on November 06, 2002, 04:17:25 pm
Hello! I was thrilled to hear about this update, and have to give everyone who is working on the update for Star Control 2, oops.. I mean 'The Ur-Quan Masters' a big thank you! :)
 I first played this game on the 3DO - in fact it is THE reason I bought a 3DO. I was thrilled by the story, the voices, the music, etc. And just the entire feeling and size of the game was awesome. But that was 1994, and this is 2002! So I have learned alot about games since then, if I may ask, I have some questions and comments about the project.

First off, the FAQ says this will be at first a port of the 3DO, which after I played the old DOS version, is a GOOD thing. :) The 3DO version is much better than the DOS version, on many levels.
    I remember on the 3DO that the voice playback would sometimes 'pause' for some seconds on occasion, will that be removed from the update? I think it's possible, since I believe it was the 3DO CD read times that caused it. Also, will the music be from the 3DO version? It is much better than the DOS version :)
     Can you give a guess on the size the 1.0 version of the game will be? With all that voice, the movies, etc it could get somewhat large I think ( 50MB + ? )
 I read in computer games magazine that it is planned in the future to have some kind of game editor, so the fans can basically remake any part of the game, from story, music, graphics, etc. This is great! Perhaps now someone will develop a TRUE sequel to Star Control 2 - 3 is 'icky' to me :P
  Ok, and finally, this has been driving me CRAZY since 1994 - Is there a squadron of brave Spathi called the 'Black Spathi Squadron' ANYWHERE in the game? I remember searching for them for HOURS and WEEKS - every system/planet in spathi space, etc. Perhaps a hardcore fan can help me :)
   I look forward to the first stable release, since I tend to like my games to work, since I am not smart enough to help fix things when they go wrong ;)
Michael W.,  NYC,NY

P.S. My 3DO battery back up died in 1997, so it's been impossible to play it - I can't sit 12 hours at a time ;) Yes, I still have a working 3DO and a copy of the game, with the instructions, box, and star chart all in great condition! :)   My favorite race? The Ariloulaleelay  ;)


Title: Re: Some questions, comments, etc.
Post by: Captain_Archer on November 06, 2002, 04:24:15 pm
Just so everyone knows, I am Michael - I decided to register lol
I was so excited to post I made my first post in guest mode :)

Title: Re: Some questions, comments, etc.
Post by: Mika on November 06, 2002, 06:11:49 pm
Currently game fits to around 180M, but it's still missing all the movies (but also packaging which would make it somewhat smaller).. I'd guess final size might be something around 200-300M which is a bit big but there's not much we can do for it without sacrificing quality too much (except making alternative version without speech/movies/etc for slower connection users, which we'll prolly do). Also it's using 3DO musics as default (but user can choose PC version too and prolly later some remixes).

We aren't going to include any kind of content editors but we'll keep using common formats so for example graphics, music, speechs, and so on should be relatively simple to replace if being careful. Gameplay modifications will be much harder to do as old code isn't really flexible at all.

Title: Re: Some questions, comments, etc.
Post by: Azarule on November 13, 2002, 05:42:03 am
I can't speak for everyone, but from me :

Make that puppy as big as you have to.  I'll be first in line at the download station if it's a GIG.

But more than two gigs......and I'll probably still get it.  DAMN YOUR ADDICTIVE-GAME MAKING EYES !  ;)