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Title: Cross-platform launcher complete
Post by: Death 999 on July 17, 2003, 07:01:50 am
I have written up a cross-platform GUI UQM launcher.
It is an executable java archive (jar) requiring java 1.3.1 or later.
It supports versions 0.2x of UQM.
It allows you to save sets of settings, and does some sanity-checking on the values.
It works even if there are spaces or metacharacters in the path to UQM.

It is available at Nic's site,
Note that though this site is mainly for mac files, this one will work on any platform equipped with java (see bottom if you don't have it).

It has been somewhat tested, but not a lot. If anyone detects unfortunate behavior, please PM me.

If you are using windows, it is not just a matter of double-clicking to use this; Shiver and I spent some time figuring out how to get Windows to recognize it.
Step 1: create a shortcut to java.exe
Step 2: find out the path to the jar file (put it where it will end up, first).
Step 3: edit the shortcut (right-click; edit should be in the contextual menu)
Step 4: find the 'target' field, then add to what is there, at the very very end, a space and then
-jar "X"
Where X is the path that you found in step 2. Include the quotes. There is a space after the -jar.
Step 5: close the shortcut. You can now double-click this shortcut to open the UQM launcher.

default file
If you hit the "Save Default" button, this creates a file of your current settings at ~/.uqm/de_falt.set and will automatically load this file when it starts up (it will permit you to edit those settings before launching uqm).

Normally, this takes no arguments. However, you can also pass it a single string, naming a saved settings file to load when it starts up. This can be combined with the shortcut technique described above, the command-line, or shell/batch scripts to save some time. This overrides the default file.

help! I don't have java!
Java is a free (though large (though smaller than uqm)) download from
You want version 1.3.1 or later, the JRE (java runtime environment) only.
(1.3.1 is a markedly smaller download than 1.4.x, but of course the later version has its advantages. This program doesn't take advantage of them)

Title: Re: Cross-platform launcher complete
Post by: GoNzOTW on August 01, 2003, 06:14:50 am
I don't see the file up there anywhere.

Title: Re: Cross-platform launcher complete
Post by: Nic. on August 02, 2003, 04:57:28 am
Whoops, my bad; I completely forgot to put the file online.  So sorry.

It is online now: