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Title: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: Death 999 on July 26, 2003, 04:11:07 am
Just to see what people think -- what are the tactics to use in a battle of the Trader vs. X-form, on both sides?

Yes! This is the inaugural Weekly Supermelee Tactics Discussion (WSTD (tm)), where we discuss matches that only occur in supermelee, and preferably interesting ones.

What makes this an interesting matchup?
First, Tactics around the X-form are frequently interesting, due to the odd special ability. Or rather, the tactics are interesting when they aren't just 'maintain long range and pelt with missiles'.
The same applies for the Trader.
Third, they are similar in point-value.

Clearly, a tactic for the Mmrnmhrm will be to maintain range and pelt in missiles.
Thus, the Trader must gravity-whip.
But what then?
I would suggest cruising fast enough to outrun the missiles and making driveby shots at the X-form.
Of course, there are counters to that.

What are they?

Title: Re: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: Omni-Sama on July 26, 2003, 06:23:25 am
I would say the Trader's best bet is to gravity whip.  I could also see it using the weapon at the front to block oncoming shots, but it becomes tricky when two little missles come flying at you; both at a very low point value.  I also go straight for the other ship with my stun weapon when in the Trader.  The Transformer (I call it that.  :P ) has a pretty obvious tactical advantage... I've flown the ship quickly up to the Trader before, transformed, hit him with the lasers, quickly retreating with ease.

However, the computer Trader's pretty good at smelling me coming and turns around right when I get in close and can't retreat.  I've been playing this matchup for a couple minutes, and for me the Transformer wins 75% of the time.  Then again, I'm not the most formidable Trader captain.

Title: Re: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: Deep-Jiffa on July 26, 2003, 07:41:09 am
You can easily fool the computer.... Get him to chase you then turn around and go towards him and kill him... Meanwhile he turns around and runs away from you!!! You should try it

Title: Re: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: Paxtez on July 26, 2003, 05:58:23 pm
Humm, at first I thought this was totally favoring the Mmrnmhrm, but after second thought and playing a few games.  Melnorme can easily win.  A charged ball will pretty much protect Mel. from the Mmrn. missles, that in combination with gravity whips and screeen wrapping, it Mel could easily in range to hit them with a red ball, and then follow up with the few greens needed for a kill.

Mmrn's best chance would be to get in close and go for a quick kill with the lasers.  I think it all boils down to how good of a shot Mel is, if he misses with a red shot, Mmrn can get in and laser Mel to death before Mel could kill him.

Title: Re: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: guesst on July 27, 2003, 02:15:59 am
Hey, another balanced match! I was asking about these on the PNF boards and didn't get very far. I'll have to go and look to see what was said there.

Title: Re: Tactics: Melnorme vs. Mmrnmhrm
Post by: Omni-Sama on July 27, 2003, 02:24:23 am
I guess you could say this match is fairly balanced...  then again, most match using the Transformer can be described as balance, just because of the two forms and two speeds the ship can achieve.  I tend to find that every match with the Mmrnmhrm, if not close-matched, is fairly drawn out or even.

On average, the Trader is slow and big, while the Transofmer (or the X-Form  :P) is fast.  Still, it's not small enough for the Trader to be unable to hit him with his glowing colour balls of doom.

Still, even after what you guys have suggested, I can usually smoke the Trader much easier than I can the Transformer.