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Title: What will happen if...
Post by: pie on August 01, 2003, 11:29:58 pm
What will happen if the Kohr-Ah wins the doctorinal war, then they start cleansing that region of space, but what will happen when they'll reach the Umgah, if you haven't captured the talking pet yet? shouldn't the dnyarri be able to take every fleet coming?

Title: Re: What will happen if...
Post by: Captain Smith on August 02, 2003, 02:02:22 am
Let's let Toadie answer:

Such great plans, such fine dreams... now, all ground to dust.
Hello, Captain. Pardon my lament, but I am feeling a bit depressed today.  You see, the black destroyers -- the Kohr-Ah- passed through recently on a killing spree and now my Umgah, the instruments of my revenge, are all pretty much dead.  In case you are confused about who I am, and what I'm doing here, I'll explain.  I am called a `talking pet' and for many years I served as a translating device for the Ur-Quan aboard one of their Dreadnoughts.  During this time, I possessed less intelligence than an Earth swine, but this was soon to change.  The Dreadnought came under attack by the Kohr-Ah and was severely damaged.  We made a crash-landing at a planet orbiting Alpha Pavonis. I was the only survivor. The prospect of investigating a Dreadnought was sufficient to bring the Arilou down to the planet surface
where they found me and tried to nurse me back to health, but they could not repair all my damage.  During their ministrations, the Arilou came to realize that so the Arilou turned to their neighbors, the Umgah, for assistance.
The Umgah saw that I had the potential for intelligence, and proceeded to modify my brain.  When I came to my senses following the final operation, a flood of thought and memory filled my mind. I knew who I was! I was a Dnyarri -- a member of a peaceful alien race, whose intelligence the Ur-Quan had long ago `shut off' via cruel biogenetic manipulation.
I convinced the Umgah to assist me in effecting a magnificent revenge against the Ur-Quan and we were just a few months away from launching our strike when the Kohr-Ah passed through and casually slaughtered the entire Umgah species.
I believe you would say, `Bummer'. Now here YOU are, Captain! I have an offer: instead of killing me, I will join you on your ship. I can be of invaluable assistance to you when it comes time for your final confrontation with the Ur-Quan.
I see you are speechless with approval. I'll be right over.

Title: Re: What will happen if...
Post by: pie on August 02, 2003, 12:23:05 pm
so they just passed the planet without killing the dnyarri?

Title: Re: What will happen if...
Post by: Death 999 on August 03, 2003, 09:37:06 am
Well, he probably used his mind control powers to make them not bombard the building he was in -- but he had to be subtle or they'd just put on the agonizers and kill him.

Title: Re: What will happen if...
Post by: guesst on August 04, 2003, 09:34:26 pm
Woah. I never considered that possibility. It's so cool the FF & PR3 did. I mean, that's an actuall ingame quote isn't it? That's so cool.