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Title: Miscellaneous minor sound/video bugs
Post by: paulsid on December 03, 2002, 06:45:42 am
0.1 alpha is working pretty well for me, but I have run into a few of minor bugs which I didn't see reported.  (If they were reported before the forum problem, please ignore...)

- After warping out of a battle, sometimes the sound gets stuck.  The tail end of a sound effect loops continuously, and I can't get rid of it without restarting.  I've had this happen when fleeing from Ur-Quan (green) and Pkunk.  (Having the end of one of those insults repeat over and over gets to you after a while!   :))  Doesn't happen 100% of the time and I think it has happened with other races but I don't remember.

- When using the arrow keys to fastforward through ZFP banter it messes up which side the subtitles show up on.  Sometimes they also don't get erased.

I actually had more than 2 but I see from the ChangeLog that the others have already been fixed.  Good work!

System info:  P3 500, WinME, TNT2 (Viper V770), SB Live Value, 128MB RAM, DX8.1, installed from 0.1 binary installer
Command Line:  -m -f -T0