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Title: Question
Post by: SilentSeal on August 27, 2003, 08:39:23 am
When i start the game up a DOS command script comes up and says somethign and then closses really quickly and i cant read what it says. How can i fix this and play the game?

Title: Re: Question
Post by: Defender on August 27, 2003, 11:19:32 am
your probley getting the same error ive been getting. are you using Strikers new cvs build? because what you describe sounds an awful lot like what im giong though.

Title: Re: Question
Post by: Sage on August 27, 2003, 02:00:05 pm
To get an idea of what problem you're having, try this.

1) Open up Explorer and point it at the uqm directory (default: C:\Program Files\The Ur-Quan Masters).
2) Hit start, click on run (or alternatively use the win+r hotkey), and type "cmd" (in NT/2K/XP), or "command" (in 9x/ME). No quotes, of course. Hit enter.
3) You should be presented with a command prompt. Type "uqm" and press enter.
4) Allow the program to run long enough to error out. Since you started from the command prompt that window shouldn't close. Now you'll need to copy the error message. So...
5) Right click on the window's caption (the bar along the top), click Edit, then Mark in the menu that appears.
6) Drag a box around the text you want to copy, and when you have what you want, hit Enter. This will copy the text to the clipboard.
7) Make a new post, and paste the error here.

Once you have an error posted maybe then someone can figure out what the heck is going on.