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Title: SUPAR!
Post by: stylus on September 05, 2003, 01:08:42 am

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: NECRO-99 on September 05, 2003, 01:30:13 am
But did the Pkunk survive and join the Yehat? Did you kill the Shofixti? Did the Kohr-Ah eradicate any races? Did you find Vela? Did the Thraddash or Ilwrath get killed off? Did you trade egg-shells or slaves for the rosy sphere? Did you find ALL the artifacts?

Hehehe...sorry, I just like to know these things.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Chrispy on September 05, 2003, 01:46:03 am
thats harsh, and in his moment of glory too

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: NECRO-99 on September 05, 2003, 02:09:48 am
I know, Im such a jerk.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Chrispy on September 06, 2003, 02:39:25 am
may i be the first one to say (thought i was second to reply to this convo) good job :P

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Deep-Jiffa on September 06, 2003, 08:04:10 pm
I think it is impossible to finish the game on the first try unless you use a spoiler or saving many many times and do thousands or loads.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: PakoPako on September 07, 2003, 03:06:39 am
Or you beat it the way NECRO-99 said.

Took me almost 5 game-years on the PC and three seperate tries against the Sa-Matra before exhausting the Melnorme supply of tips. ;D (gotta go back and get a more powerful ship.. gotta go back and get the talking pet.. gotta go back and... the Chmmr??)
I believe I retrieved the Shofixti maidens, but never started the Yehat revolution, sent the Ilwrath to follow Dogar & Kazon, nor find all the Rainbow worlds. (I did a lot of hunting though.. 8))


Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Chrispy on September 07, 2003, 06:11:54 am
if u dont do the shofixti maiden thing, does he still come up in the funny ending?

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Krogoth255 on September 07, 2003, 09:12:45 am
Actually, When I beat the game back in 1993. I managed with the help of the my brothers beat the game on our first session. Thanks to the Lander cheat we didn't need to gather resources. ;D. At the end it was almost time when the Kohr-Ah started to cleanse every race we managed to destroy the Sa-Matra. Which was accdiently found by my one older brother. I hav to admit it did require a quite a bit loading and saving games and some dumb luck too.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Talhydras on September 07, 2003, 11:05:35 am
I remember the first time I played it through. It took lots of tries for me and my older brother. We had different games, and sometimes I'd play his. He would take complex hand written notes (with his terrible spelling) remembering key things and locations and mentioned stuff. He was a true veteran with the Orz ship, but sometimes had troubles with things like finding the vux beast and the syreen vaults. We had a lot of fun, finding things. Everything was new and interesting. Everything was awesome. And when I play it again... I still find awesome and interesting things.

I love this game... SO .... MUCH.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: umgahbob on September 07, 2003, 02:43:07 pm
I beat the game on my first attempt, sort of. I abused the save games. I purchased all the melnorme info, and reloaded, so I could use the credits to buy new tech. I had notes on just about everything the melnorme said, and I saved a lot. I also constantly reloaded once I knew where to go.

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Lukipela on September 07, 2003, 03:22:29 pm
Hmm... I must just be obsessive compulsive then, because I did actually finish the game on the first try. Me and a friend spent many a happy summer afternoon inside a small incredibly warm room with the blinds pulled down and the music turned up. We even managed it without losing anyone to the Kohr-Ah. the truth be told it's such a long time ago that I can't rememebr our save-load ratio. I know we did a lot of loading with the landers, but I don't think we had to load a lot otherwise... Except for the first time we tried to get to the ZFP, at which point we got stuck in a neverending cycle of Quan directed violence...

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Chrispy on September 07, 2003, 06:14:44 pm
i had a tendancy to mine minerals, and talk to the zoq fot pik (those guys are great) until the kohr-ah started cleansing

Title: Re: SUPAR!
Post by: Sage on September 09, 2003, 01:17:51 pm
My first experience with SC2 was not actually playing it. Rather, a friend of mine had bought a (then obsolete) 3DO (this was 1997, mind you) and SC2, along with a few other games for the system. Despite the fact that I pretty much played the part of "remember this" I was able to remember nearly all of the key parts of the game, including several homeworld locations, the VUX beast, the Slylandro homeworld, general locations of all the spheres of influence, and many of the Melnorme's tips when it came time for my first run of UQM.

The first time I played and completed the game I missed out on the Yehat/Pkunk Reunion(not sure how exactly...I triggered it off like I was supposed to), but finished everything else properly without any cleansing. My second and third runs of the game were essentially low-mining runs, in which I took advantage of free ships from the Pkunk and Yehat (the persistant sources) and the other random freeships (all except Fwiffo until the very end) to fund my adventures. In both cases I got everything done AND the Reunion.