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Title: Need Help Porting Ur-Quan Masters to the GP32!
Post by: -Lord_Ebonstone- on September 12, 2003, 01:34:04 am
Hey there!

I recently acquired a GP32, Gamepark's Korean handheld system which is actually quite the powerful little beast, capable of 144MHz CPU speed, 8 MB RAM, and employs SmartMedia cards up to 128MB... so you can imagine, the opensource community for this handheld is quite prominent.

In any case, I figured it'd be really cool if I could figure out a way to port Ur-Quan Masters (SC2 from here on out) to the GP32.  A member of the GP32 community has begun to port SDL libraries onto the GP32, so the port shouldn't be as difficult as it could be, but I'm still in need of some aid...

My first question/request is this:  Could someone tell me if a complete removal of the "3DO" enhancements is possible?  I don't think the GP32 will be able to handle all the added music/graphics/etc, and frankly, I'd rather port a code more similar to the DOS version (which ran like a dream on a 486) than this 3DO one (which is a ton of fun, but maybe not on 144MHz.)

If the 3DO code CAN be removed... could anyone tell me HOW to remove it, or at least, what to look for?  I've seen some calls and such with "3DO" clearly in them, but I'd like to hear some hints from the developers before I start tearing it all to shreds...

Anyway, thanks for reading!   ;D

Title: Re: Need Help Porting Ur-Quan Masters to the GP32!
Post by: guesst on September 12, 2003, 03:58:41 am
You have a GP32. You, with your first post, have just became my most-hated-because-you-have-what-I-can-never-afford-in-a-million-years-but-I-shouldn't-be-mad-at-your-affluence-and-in-reality-really-really-respect-you-for-it poster.

Yes, the voices can be removed (or just not installed), the music can be the MOD standard, and even the text can be in the PC versions font, if you like. All these are options in UQM.

However, how to compile a version for your GP32, you'll have to wait for someone else to answer for you.

(Incidently, when I learned about the GP32, my first thought was 'this thing'll play SC2, I just know it.' Lemme know when you get it working.)

Title: Re: Need Help Porting Ur-Quan Masters to the GP32!
Post by: meep-eep on September 12, 2003, 04:24:54 am
The source that our project originates form is the 3DO source.
It was heavilly optimised for the 3DO hardware.
I suspect the PC version was similarly heavilly optimised for the PCs of these days.
If you were hoping of getting this to work on the GP32, you'd have to optimise quite heavilly for that specific machine.
Even using SDL as an intermediary layer might be too much.
And you'd probably have to write your own memory management code.
All with all, it's not impossible, but it would certainly be a project of considerable size.