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Title: Kernel failed to load :(
Post by: Urser on September 12, 2003, 03:06:58 pm
 :D I´m happy to see starcon is still alive. but not on my pc  >:(

After fixing the key-problem i get a new one:

>kernel failed to load<

in one topic you said, try with -n option and so i did:

in stead(? oh my english) of a black screen i get a white screen...

do you have an idea?
thanks, Urser

Title: Re: Kernel failed to load :(
Post by: Michael Martin on September 12, 2003, 03:44:04 pm
"Kernel failed to load" means that it isn't finding the packages.  (If you don't have a keys.cfg, it dies before noticing this, but that's just a change of symptom.)

Make sure your packages are all in the right place.  Let's say you've installed to C:\uqm...

You need these files and directories.

C:\uqm\content\version  (which should begin with the line "0.3")

(If you installed extended music and voices, there will be other zip files in C:\uqm\content\packages, too.)

If you need the -n option, run the program with
uqm -n c:\uqm\content