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Title: USEd Initial "Public" Release
Post by: Rai on September 14, 2003, 03:17:35 am
I realise there is at least one program out there like this...

USEd: /U/r-Quan Masters /S/avegame /Ed/itor  v0.0.6

Technically, USEd isn't really an editor.  It's more of a savegame viewer, but if you've got a compiler, it's very easy to see where to edit things.  Later versions will have more end-user friendliness when it comes to modifying values.

I have no idea.  :)

Geeky people only that want a nice, neat presentation of the guts of a savefile.  **INCOMPLETE**  .. There are some fun things that make up the greater part of the savefile, but the most interesting data (RUs, crew, etc) are displayed.

Normal users without a compiler probably have no use for this.

Current 'release' version is v0.0.6 as of this writing.
* Windows' Command-Line  (non-graphical, no help supplied)
* Linux
* Probably anyplace that has some incarnation of the gcc compiler and GNU libc (for 'getopt' command-line processing).

* A usable version (v0.0.6) is available now.
* Command-line editing of savegames "will be ready when it's ready".  Likewise for viewing the entire contents of a savegame. (Planet resources, etc.)
* I don't think I'll ever supply pre-compiled binaries.  Anyone may do this.
* As of right now, there are no plans for graphical editing of this info.  Maybe someday.

Now that I've scared you off, go fetch, and enjoy.  Comments to this thread or to channel #sc2 at .  Look for the name similar to my forum name here.  ;)


Title: Re: USEd Initial "Public" Release
Post by: Chad on October 06, 2003, 03:05:39 am
Are you still working on this?

Considering that the original save game editor has been downloaded from PNF more than 1000 times, I would say there is a demand for such a program.

Since no pre-compiled binary is supplied, I can't try it out even if I wanted to right now.

Anyways, just wondering.  :-/