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Title: Bugs in v3
Post by: Smoo on September 15, 2003, 12:00:38 am
After installing the game (uninstalled v2 first) it runs fine however it appears like the voices, when skipping through via arrows (skip back and forth) the synchronization gets screwed up and chops some words.  I perused quickly the boards to see if it was announced already but it appears not.  Sorry if someone else already brought the topic up.

Title: Re: Bugs in v3
Post by: The_Cranky_Hermit on September 15, 2003, 12:18:05 am
What sound driver are you using? I have this problem when using openal, but not with mixsdl.

Title: Re: Bugs in v3
Post by: Exodus on September 16, 2003, 01:28:08 pm
I've searched BugZilla and the Forums and can't find a post about this - so sorry if it's already in the forum...

While playing UQM, I've noticed that if you set an Auto-Pilot path, and then save the game while in a solar system, when the game returns it loses the auto-pilot path navigation...

This was a little annoying as I was in Ur-Quan space and there were a WHOLE BUNCH of those little black dots to the left of the screen (in hyperspace), so I set a navigation path to exit to the right... Just before I left the system I saved my game (fortunately), but that lost the nav path, so when I appeared in Hyperspace, the ship didn't move anywhere - got attacked by LOTS of Ur-Quan dots...

Like I said - searched BugZilla and the forum and couldn't find this bug anywhere, so many humble appologise if it's been posted before.

Thanks guys for making a SC2 fan EXTREMELY HAPPY that I can play SC2 (UQM) without having to boot to dos - and use a REALLY old Sound Card...

YAY - SC2 (UQM) RULES!!!!!

Title: Re: Bugs in v3
Post by: Mika on September 16, 2003, 06:48:05 pm
The autopilot bug is described at and is already fixed in current CVS. Locking this thread as bug reports should go to Bugzilla, not here.