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Title: The Lays of Beta Lalande - The Road to 0.4, #3
Post by: Michael Martin on October 28, 2003, 02:54:23 am
This post is the third in "The Road to 0.4."

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Well, the big news (;action=display;num=1067285929) this cycle you should already know: the first remix pack is out.  Get it from the download page if you want to include it in your games, or check out the Precursors' AmpCast site ( if you'd rather just listen to them on their own.

Two notes about that release: first, add-ons get overridden by unzipped content, so if you've got the 3do content unzipped in your content directory (I'm told the Debian version of UQM does this) then some of the songs will not show up.  Since the current "package" system is just a stopgap on the way to 0.4, we aren't likely to do anything major about this.  You can work around this by either zipping the content, or unzipping the addon pack into your ~/.uqm/ directory.  Second, the Ampcast versions are MP3s, so while you can stick them on your iPod, they won't play on their own in UQM.

The codebase news is less exciting, but there is some news to tell.

fOSSiL and Meep-Eep have been hashing out the "Code Dataplates" system for runnable extensions.  These will complement the other "Dataplates" which provide additional content or other data in the new resource system.  There have been some commits to the CVS repository prototyping the CDP system but nothing major yet depends on it.

There's a fairly nasty bug in the pure-SDL version of OS X's UQM where speech subtitles obscure the entire display.  Nic and McMartin have done some experiments and have found a way to make transparency work "properly" across all platforms.  Unfortunately, according to Gwl, that technique doesn't mesh well with the technique the subtitle renderer actually uses.  (Gwl and McMartin are also taking a smiting from that "real life" thing at the moment, so when this actually gets implemented is up in the air.  But at least we have a clue about something that does work, now.)

Until next time, I remain...

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Title: Re: The Lays of Beta Lalande - The Road to 0.4, #3
Post by: Death 999 on October 29, 2003, 06:59:09 pm
The Lays of Beleriand... gaaah...

I hadn't noticed any trouble with the OSX, and every option I have selected is SDL... is this an experiment with more SDL than was incorporated before?

Title: Re: The Lays of Beta Lalande - The Road to 0.4, #3
Post by: Michael Martin on October 30, 2003, 03:10:40 am
I haven't looked at the code fully yet (really really busy) but it looks like we're doing transparency with colorkeys and rapidly switching between transparent and opaque mode.

The experiments involved standalone SDL applications that did things like blit rectangles of "transparent" directly.  That worked, but it doesn't match the current paradigm.  So we'll either need to do a rewrite or find a way to make it match.