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Title: Fixed my slowdown problem
Post by: Tim S. on December 13, 2003, 07:44:32 am
I was having identical slowdown issues on my clean install on an Athlon 700, 512mb ram, WinXP machine.  The game would pause every few seconds for apparently no reason.  I tried dialing back all the options to the bare minimum, and it didn't help.

I finally found the issue:

I turned off my antivirus (PCCillin) and it helped just ever so slightly...

Then I found out that the polling program for my UPS (Belkin Bulldog) would eat a few CPU cycles (bump up to like 15% for a second or so) every few seconds, apparently to check in with the UPS.  

I turned it off, and voila, it runs perfect.  I turned on all the options and it runs like a champ.  I can even do full screen 1024 without incident.

Looks like the program is just really sensitive to something else picking at CPU cycles.  If you're having problems on a machine that doesn't seem like it should be having problems, try unloading some programs that tend to pick at the CPU even when idle.

Hope this helps someone.