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Title: Save Game Editor
Post by: mu_227 on December 21, 2003, 09:10:05 am
Hi everyone. It's been a while. I wrote the windows save game editor (don't know if there's more now, mine had the picture of the ship with all the checkboxes and only let you edit the first few games because when I did it that was all there was.) I have removed windows and I'm now using linux, and I have alot to learn with that.
Anyway my strong feeling is that the only cheat that is "needed" is a fuel cheat, but only if it is impossible to play otherwise(which itself should be impossible. The game isn't very hard once you get used to combat.)
Star Control II is the best game I've ever played, being meaningfull, memorable, and thoroughly absorbing. I would hope anyone who played would try to get into the game, not just trying to beat it, but enjoying the story that is the real genius of the game.
My reason for this post is that when a new version comes out, if the old editor no longer works, I may write a simple command line editor that will probably just let you change your fuel. Some may think this is selfish, lazy, or that I'm not very good at writing save game editors. This is probably all true to an extent, but it's not the reason for this. Here are my reasons:
-I've beaten SC2, and I suck at games. Anyone could beat me at melee.
-I won anyway, considering this.
-I'm not using windows now (it's gone) and because I'm new to linux, I have to figure out alot of things.
-The fuel cheat alone will enable people who have beat the game to explore things they might have missed while trying to win before time runs out. This is the single thing I dislike about SC2, that time runs out.
-I want to help people who may not be using windows. (giving source code)
-It is quite easy to use certain files from the source code for UQM to make a better editor, if someone wants to do it. I would be happy to help, to ask post here.
-I haven't made any request of the good programmers of UQM, but a feature like a fuel cheat and or infinite time after you've beaten the game would be good.
I hope this doesn't make me sound bad. I just want people who play this game (many for whom it may be the first time) to live in the Star Control 2 world for just a little while, as I did. It is an experience that no other game has given me.
If anyone doesn't like this, I'm sorry. I will try to help anyway I can. Just ask here.

Title: Re: Save Game Editor
Post by: Strange_Will on December 29, 2003, 01:42:09 am
actually i want to be able to change the date, say like 20 years back.... so i have time to complete all the quests, talk to everyone, see who does what, i wanna see everything, but i never have the time :(

Title: Re: Save Game Editor
Post by: Strange_Will on December 29, 2003, 01:43:10 am
or better yet, i heard in the uncompiled version there is a way to change the time that it takes for teh game to end, patch that up and send it out with ur cheat0rz thing ^_^