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Title: New and improved Precursors homepage!
Post by: TiLT on January 20, 2004, 07:16:16 am
Some of you may have noticed that the Precursors Ampcast page has been unavailable since the 15th of January. The reason is because an Ampcast account costs money. Since we're greedy bastards, we decided to relocate. ;)

We've been hard at work making a completely new and improved site for the official UQM remixes, and we think we've succeeded. The new one is available at and is going to stay. It's been designed with hyperlinks in mind. Wondering what remixes a certain artist has done? Just click that artists name. Want to know more about one of his particular remixes? Click its title. Perhaps you want to know more about the original composer of the .mod-file? Well, you get the point. Keep in mind that some parts of the site lack information right now. If you're one of the people mentioned on the site, feel free to drop me an email with the info you'd like to have there, if any.

You can also write comments or reviews of individual pieces of music on the new site, and these comments will be shown whenever anyone visits that remix's page. This is an excellent way to give us feedback that we can work on to improve the two remaining packages before they're released, so carpe diem, people! ;D

Stay tuned for more remixes!

Title: Re: New and improved Precursors homepage!
Post by: Mark Vera on January 20, 2004, 08:28:24 am
To correct one thing, even though the website is located at  the is supposed to point to the current location of the Precursors homepage. Although I doubt it will move from medievalfuture server anytime soon..

Title: Re: New and improved Precursors homepage!
Post by: Slylendro on January 20, 2004, 06:57:39 pm
I appreciate all your work. keep it up =]

*waiting for the future remix packs*