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Title: Question about "screenshots"
Post by: FalconMWC on January 23, 2004, 07:17:45 pm
How do I take a screen shot? And how do I post it on UQM? - Thanks

Title: Re: Question about "screenshots"
Post by: Nic. on January 23, 2004, 07:56:18 pm
It's pretty easy:
  • Procure some web space (your ISP may hand out personal home pages, you might run your own server, places like Geocities, Yahoo, et. al. give them for free or for fee)
  • Start UQM.  Play until you get to where you want a screenshot.
    • Windows:  Hit the PrintScreen key for a "full" screenshot, or Alt+PrintScreen for a screenshot of the selected window.  Then open up MS Paint, (for example) and hit Ctrl+V.  Your screenshot should paste itself into the program, where you can then crop, resize, etc., then save as your preferred file format.
    • Mac OS X: Hit Shift+Command+3 for a "full" screenshot, or Shift+Command+4 for a "partial" screenshot.  (the cursor changes to crosshairs and you can select an arbitrary rectangular area)  These are saved on the Desktop as PDF files, I prefer to then load them into Preview (Ctrl-click -> Open With -> Preview) and export them as PNG or JPEG.
    • *nix: This is mostly dependant on the capabilities of the window manager.  As a catch-all, I suggest loading up The Gimp ( and using its screen capture function (File -> Accquire -> Screen Shot)  One can then crop/resize/save right from there

  • Upload the image(s) to your personal webspace.
  • Link to the images in the UQM forum with the [ img ] tag.

Title: Re: Question about "screenshots"
Post by: FalconMWC on January 23, 2004, 08:15:56 pm
What am I doing wrong?
The picture is saved at this website and here is the link with the img extension. It won't show the picture.


The link is

Title: Re: Question about "screenshots"
Post by: Michael Martin on January 24, 2004, 02:26:27 am
Geocities doesn't like external links to non-html objects.  You'll have to make an html page that shows the picture, and then post that.

Also, .BMP is sort of a painful format.  People with dialup will like you better if you use a paint program to convert it to GIF, JPG, or PNG.