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Title: Material Class Specifics
Post by: Captain Smith on April 07, 2004, 03:28:50 am
That's what I'm getting at too.  Specific materials would make the game too hard, and probably would be a programming nightmare to track.  What I had in mind was having to mainly bring back mainly base metals for ships (hence my ships made out of uranium and gold comment) and then have to come up with a few smaller quantities of other things like radioactives for the reactor that powers the ship, precious metals as good wiring for the ships, and maybe a few other things for other reasons.  Maybe for crew having to bring back something valuable yet not lethal like radioactives as salary for them (precious metals, maybe exotics).  And for fuel maybe insist on bringing back things like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Methane, and so forth (the class name escapes me at the moment).   Then fit other things in as appropriate that are in the game so you have to be able to find a good mixture of things.

Any thoughts on this one?  Would definitely lend a bit of difficulty (and realism) to the whole thing, probably on par with several of the RTS games that are out there now.

Whoa. I once proposed splitting up ship construction by material CLASS (corrosive, base metal), but to split it up by actual material? Yikes, that would get awfully specific. "Utwig requires AGUUTI NODULES, not ANTIMATTER and NEUTRONIUM. sorry."

Title: Re: Material Class Specifics
Post by: Captain Smith on April 07, 2004, 03:31:39 am
The original post Death_999 is responding to here in my response.  This was in another thread and I felt it better to move it to a new thread, since it was a topic change.

"I can imagine that being one of the interesting things that could be added if the game is changed bringing back minerals you have to figure out what/how those ships get built...if you don't bring back metal it's just the same, but does Hayes sell what doesn't get used?  A definite level of challenge to the game can be added if they changed it so specific materials were required for different ships, as opposed to a catch-all RU system that rewards bringing back exotics, radioactives, and precious metals.  Ships made of uranium and gold...would be quite interesting  ;D "

Title: My proposal
Post by: Death 999 on April 07, 2004, 03:47:21 am
cut-and-pasted from my recent mention of the idea

While we're at it, you should be able to recover some RU's from any of your ships that were blown up in the battle.

I was thinking of something else when you said that -- having each ship have a vector of resources it needs -- some amount of commons, radioactives, base metals, exotics, nobles, rare-earths. If you don't have enough of a certain type, you can use the standard RU system, but it will not be as efficient (ship costs would be raised to compensate).

Therefore, you might actually want to get corrosives, because your Spathi and Supox need them, but if you want Utwig, focus on the rare earths and radioactives.

A melnorme tech might be to improve the exchange rate.



etc. Note that only if you exactly match the requirements do you actually make it down to the listed RU price.

Modules and fuel could lack this disadvantage.

Title: Re: Material Class Specifics
Post by: Culture20 on April 07, 2004, 03:54:51 am
Fortunately, your flagship uses the same stabilized antimatter technology as Hierarchy vessels
and we'll be able to synthesize what you need.
However, due to the size of your ship, we'll have to produce vast quantities of
which will be a substantial drain on our resources.

The Mark I and all hierarchy vessels use antimatter for fuel, so if the starbase can't synthesize it, you'd have to bring home lots of exotics...