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Title: Building the Source for Dummies
Post by: richardk on April 23, 2004, 08:01:21 pm
After a long night spent poking, I finally managed to make a successful build (in Windows).  Here's what I can remember doing; hopefully it helps any other future newbies.  Note I used Visual Studio.NET, but previous versions of Visual C++ should work similarly.

1) Create a parent directory to hold everything.  I'll call it UM.

2) Go to  Download uqm-0.3-source.tgz.  Unzip it.  It should all be in a directory called UM\uqm-0.3.

3) Go to  Download SDL.  You want the file listed under Win32 under Development Libraries.  Unzip.  (Note:  Before I saw this was there, I downloaded under Source Code.  It comes with a file VisualC7.htm that describes how to build the DLL and LIB files required.  You need to extract to the current directory.)

4) Get SDL-Image from  Sorry I didn't record the details of this part, but it was pretty straightforward.

5) Get ZLIb from  You want the "zlib compiled DLL".

6) Get "Ogg Vorbis Win32 SDK (1.0.1)" from (under "Source Code / Development Tools"), and unzip to UM.

7) Install the OpenAL SDK, available at

8) Under UM\uqm-0.3\SRC\MSVC++, open UrQuanMasters.dsw.  If using .NET, choose to convert.  Then save all (yes, create a SLN file), and close .NET.  Now open the .SLN file.  Always open the .SLN file from here on, not the DSW or DSP ones, or changes you make to project settings may not get saved (at least they didn't for me).

8) Under Project/Properties/C/General, set Additional Include Directories to:
.;..;..\sc2code;..\sc2code\libs;..\sc2code\ships;"..\..\..\SDL-1.2.7\include";"..\..\..\SDL_image-1.2.3";"..\..\..\oggvorbis-win32sdk-1.0.1\include";..\..\..\zlib121\include;"C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.0 Software Development Kit\include"

9) Under Project/Properties/Linker/General, set Additional Library Directories to:
"..\..\..\SDL-1.2.7\VisualC7\SDL\Debug";"..\..\..\SDL-1.2.7\VisualC7\SDLmain\Debug";"..\..\..\SDL_image-1.2.3\VisualC\Debug";"..\..\..\oggvorbis-win32sdk-1.0.1\lib";..\..\..\zlib121\lib;"C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.0 Software Development Kit\libs"

10) Under Project/Properties/Linker/Input, Additional Dependancies, change zlib.lib to zdll.lib

11) Copy these files to the uqm-0.3 directory:  SDL.DLL, SDL_image.dll, JPEG.DLL, LIBPNG1.DLL, ZLIB.DLL (from SDL_image-1.2.3\VisualC\graphics\lib), ZLIB1.DLL, VORBISFILE.DLL, OGG.DLL, VORBIS.DLL.  These can all be found somewhere under UM.  This step is so the compiled .EXE will have the files in needs to run.

12) Copy (available at or in your game directory if you first installed the released version) to uqm-0.3\content\packages.  Optionally copy the and here too.

13) You should now be able to Build the project and Run the UM\uqm-0.3\uqmdebug.exe file.

Title: Re: Building the Source for Dummies
Post by: meep-eep on April 23, 2004, 08:27:42 pm
As long as you're compiling the source yourself, you might as well compile the cvs version. See