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Title: Help!
Post by: Potatoman on December 06, 2002, 12:56:05 am
My noble United Federation of Worlds has hit a serious roadblock, and time is ticking down. I need to know if it's a program bug or not in order to decide whether or not to give up and surrender to the Ur-Quan.  :'(

Whats done:
The Umgah are freed from the evil that plauged them.
The Shofixti once again stride in vast numbers through the corridors of my star base.
The Pkunk (although sadly extinct) provided me with the first piece of a very useful device along with information leading me to obtaining the other parts. This was done, the device assembled and it's power used to gain me new allies, the Supox and the Utwig.
The evil Illwrath and Thraddash civilizations have been reduced to rubble.
The Zoq-Fots are saved.
Quasi-space has been explored, and the Arilou have agreed to help my cause.
The Sylandro probe invasion has been reversed.
My ship, bolstered by giga-useful Melnorme tech enhancements, could probably take on the entire ur-quan fleet and not suffer a casualty.
I know where the Sa-Matra is, but the little demon I found earlier won't help me fight it, so I must leave.

What I need to do, but cannot:
I know from various sources (melnorme & others) that the Syreen's starbase is located at Betelgeuse. I have made contact, convinced them that the Mycon destroyed Syra and recovered their battle fleet from Ur-Quan space. Now I must lure the Mycon to the Organnon system for some ambush to take place, but I have no idea how!

I've talked to dozens of Mycon ships, but my conversation options never change, and they always attack me (free RUs, thanks Mycons!). I've been to the Mycon home world several times, but it only gave me an option to talk about Organnon the first time, and when I did nothing happened. The Mycons told me that I was the "non" and that they wouldn't believe anything I told them.... After that my only dialog options were "what is this place?" and "GOODBYE SUN DEVICE".  I got so desperate I looked online for a walkthrough, but it didn't provide any help... What am I doing wrong?

Title: Re: Help!
Post by: Krikla on December 06, 2002, 01:19:18 am
You're not doing anything wrong, it's a bug. The world you've visited (Beta Brahe) isn't the Mycon homeworld anyway. Go to Epsilon Scorpii, there you can tell the Mycon about Organon.

Title: Re: Help!
Post by: Dash-o-Salt on December 06, 2002, 02:58:36 am
Right, and after you acquire the sun device from them, use it on the Chmmr's homeworld at Procyon in Ilwrath space.  That should do it for you.