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Title: Freeze on Earth
Post by: thejames on December 06, 2002, 04:35:02 am
Hi everybody.

I've read through the posts here and tried some of the workarounds...  nothing has helped so far...

I start the game. Head to earth, meet the drone, talk to Starbase Commander, go to Mercury, back to Starbase, then to moon, back to Starbase, beat the crap out of the Ilwrath...

after coming back from the '2 week layover', the game pauses.

There was a workaround that one fellow used... he went to mercury first...  tried that, same thing happened.

I'm using WinXP (Joy), 433 P-celeron (joy), 256mb ram (joy).

Title: Re: Freeze on Earth
Post by: thejames on December 10, 2002, 03:14:20 am
Replying to my own post... fun...

Tinkering around with the game a bit, I've found that the crash does not just happen at earth.  It happens after I've talked with any race at any "major" conversation.

If the conversations are long... and I allow each one to played through (or loaded it seems... fastforwarding doesn't help), after a while, the game will freeze.

The only way to get around it (that I've found) is to continuously save before you know you're getting to a major conversation session and/or use the space key to skip conversations... By skipping each audio file isn't being loaded.

I'm assuming here that the game isn't unloading any of the audio files once it's been used...  that's just a first guess...

Has anyone else had this problem?

Title: Re: Freeze on Earth
Post by: David Crafti on December 11, 2002, 06:50:23 pm
same problem for me.
also running xp, but with a duron-750 and 320MB RAM
also, SB AWE32 (ancient) and GeForce2MX

Title: Re: Freeze on Earth
Post by: petril on December 13, 2002, 03:38:08 am
Hmmh, yes, I fink it's the same problem as discussed already in here:;action=display;num=1038776663

I wonder if there will come any patch to avoid this thing in near future or what? But anyway thanx guys for great game!!! I'll be waiting for a upgrade ;D

This problem seems to exist in all platforms, I have Win98 ME.