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Title: OSX - Preferences Pane?
Post by: Master Fwiffo on June 27, 2004, 05:15:32 am

After about 7 years of knowing I would never get to play SC2 on my mac, I finaly found this, and started jumping for joy.


I restarted the game and set it to 'use fulscreen' mode, and then clicked the thing to keep the preferences from coming back.  But now, whenever I talk to aliens, they disapear behind the text, leaving just a bluescreen and what they are saying, and when the text ends, they reappear.

I figure its a problem with the preferences, but now I cant figure out how to get them back (Ive even trashed and reinstalled it- no luck)

Any help?

Title: Re: OSX - Preferences Pane?
Post by: Nic on June 27, 2004, 08:09:59 am
The pop-up window that appeared when you checked the box told you how to make it come back -- you need to delete the file ~/.uqm/launcher.go -- the easiest way is to open (in Applications:Utilities) and enter the command:

rm ~/.uqm/launcher.go

As for the blue screen over comms, that is a known issue; there are two ways to fix it:
  • Run in OpenGL mode
  • Update to the latest "Unofficial Release" here:

If you go with the latter (highly recommended, BTW) you will need to download the updated Launcher as well as the new executable.  And make sure to read the README files...

Title: Re: OSX - Preferences Pane?
Post by: MasterFwiffo on June 27, 2004, 10:57:09 am
w00t!  Thankee much!