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Title: Video sequences
Post by: Jinx on June 27, 2004, 09:00:52 pm
Are they ever going to get added to the game? Or is there some reason they can't?

Title: Re: Video sequences
Post by: 0xDEC0DE on June 27, 2004, 09:59:50 pm
Try reading the FAQ (;action=display;num=1052236603).  Your question is fourth on the list.

Although strictly speaking, the FAQ entry is out-of-date; a DUK player was added to the code a while back, and if you own a legal copy of the videos, you can drop them into the content directories and have the "full experience" when playing the current CVS version.

However, I've actually seen the 3DO videos -- and I am not impressed by them, especially the ending.  They were undoubtedly quite cool by 10-years-ago standards, but I just prefer the PC slideshows, I guess.  I do wonder if modern technologies and talent could be employed to do for the videos what The Precursors project has done for the audio.

Title: Re: Video sequences
Post by: Censored on June 28, 2004, 03:01:59 am
..Which is why I must again ask everyone to see if they (themselves or other) can find a 3D graphics artist(s) who'd found a team specialized in cutscenes.. that would be very cool and besides, you'd get world famous and everlasting UQM glory!! ;)

Title: Re: Video sequences
Post by: Culture20 on June 29, 2004, 02:30:08 am
The PC cutscenes are art comparable with the rest of UQM/SC2, so they fit seamlessly.  The 3DO movies, however, look like they were done just because 3D art was cool at the time.  New 3D art would look just as out-of-place.

Title: Re: Video sequences
Post by: Censored on June 29, 2004, 03:03:45 am
I disagree. the 3DO cutscenes seemed out of place, just because they really were - two cutscenes. Yay.

think about it - every new event has a cutscene. the ideal would be that the conversations would be in 3D, but I doubt we'll find the right people able and willing to do this.

Title: Re: Video sequences
Post by: blitzoid on July 06, 2004, 09:28:10 am
There were some really impressive movies over at PNF awhile ago, they might still be there.

The Chmmr ships attacking the Sa-Matra come to mind.

I'd love to see some movies of 'after the war', where Chmmr ships duke it out with the Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah remnants, and maybe a cutscene of the Vindicator getting shot up by fireballs and such as it screeches toward the Sa-Matra, having the escape pod launch just before it gets within explosion range. Then... boom!