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Title: My Short Story
Post by: Sander Scamper on July 01, 2004, 07:57:09 pm
Hey Everyone, as a newcomer but a long time fan of this board, what your doing and the SCII universe in general, I decided to enter this board with a bang.
I wrote this story on a spur, therefore, I've taken quite a bit of artistic license in this, so don't burn me for sacreligion or something. =p

Reason Behind The ‘Monster’
By Stefan Elliott (Sander)

“Stop! What you are doing is wrong, why do you do this?” The terrible, horrific, green alien paused, perplexed, a great pain evident in its huge eye. “The Words! The words….they bring back the pain... you have spoken them sincerely, and I must answer. The reason, human Captain, that my race enslaves or imprisons forever all others we come across, indeed, your precious Earth, is a long, painful tale.
       I begin almost a million years ago, in a galaxy, far, far from this area of space. Our species, the mighty Ur-Quan, evolved on a harsh, desolate world, nothing like your imprisoned planet. In order to survive, every last one of our people had to fight desperately, to claw our way to the top of the food chain. That is partly why we now have a maddening, territorial urge to kill, to butcher all we find in our vicinity, but the deeper reason, is far, far worse. It remained this way for unknown millennia. Our species, not yet sentient, knew no other way, until, somehow, our early <ZzTRCsf> [Universal translator unable to substitute word] conquered their primal instincts, and built a powerful, Space age society.
Then, one day, a vast fleet of bizarre beings came to us. These rock creatures called themselves the Taalo. They told us of a huge, space-faring alliance of worlds, The Sentience Milieu. They offered us membership, and told us they had been watching us for a time, and saw our great potential. Strangely, of all the species in our experience, the Taalo were the only race to never invoke our blood lust. Sensing this remarkable revelation that we may experience peace, we accepted, and embraced the Taalo and the Milieu as allies.
For almost two hundred years, Ur-Quan kind prospered, and explored the stars. Due to our unavoidable bloodlust with the other members of the Milieu, we were best suited for deep space exploration. It was on one of these fateful expeditions, a young Ur-Quan <DGrg34> [Universal translator experiencing difficulty...running search...Closest match is <Captain>] investigated an unusual planet. There, he found the DYNARRI!” The huge centipede shaped monster broke off in a fit of terrible rage, seizing an innocent underling of a slave race and crushing it to a messy pulp in its giant pincers. After the blood had been wiped off the VidCom, the alien regained its composure and snarled, before continuing. “The Dynarri are small, loathsome creatures, much like your toads, but as big as a dog and translucently skinned, their internal organs and brain easily seen, with huge, disgusting eyes. Their most frightening facet is their terrible, all too effective, PSI powers… A single Dynarri took control of the giant deep space explorer vessel easily, reducing the <captain> and crew to mindless drones, under the iron grip of their PSI. They transported their entire, albeit small population onto the vessel, and departed their world. They soon arrived in the centre of our territory. Within a month, our entire race was enslaved, not a single Ur-Quan remained free. As we were the most easily conquered powerful race in the Milieu, we were their favoured...pets. Race after race, the Dynarri had us eliminate our former allies. It was the Mael Num who first asked your question. The note of terror, of desperation rang through our minds, and the Dynarri permitted us to tell them why...even as we hovered, encircling their world for the final, deadly scorching of their species from the universe.
A bloody decade years followed, our kind destroying race after race. All species, even the tiny and the weak, were eradicated. Finally, the most powerful race remained, the Taalo. Due to their silicon brains, they were immune to the Dynarri’s PSI and therefore, the most dangerous.” The alien broke off, an incredible, heart wrenching pain racking through its body. “We slaughtered every last Taalo, captain, their pebbles, too, were not spared. We murdered every last one of our brothers! And the most terrible thing of all...they refused to fight back, for fear of hurting us. They simply stood there, and we, screaming with shame, were forced to kill them where they stood, under the cruel control of the Dynarri.
Can you imagine the pain, the terrible un-ending remorse of being forced to slay the only ones you can befriend, the ones who uplifted you to the worlds of friendship without death, of a whole new way of living?” The Ur-Quan stopped speaking, and a single, blood red tear dripped to the floor.
“I will speak of the Taalo no more, human Captain, for although it was so long ago, it still will pain us forever more.
For another thousand years, we slaved under the Dynarri, whose chief delicacy is our The Dynarri even modified us on a genetic level, splicing the Ur-quan into two, the green, who were the scientists and intellectuals under the Dynarri, and the black, the labourers and soldiers. Over so long a time, the Dynarri grew lax, even letting slip a few seconds of freedom here and there. During these lapses, a doctor, a green, Kzer-Za, discovered something...useful.
During moments of extreme, blinding agony of a mind slave of the Dynarri, the telepathic link transfers the pain to the Dynarri, making them unable to maintain the bond, lest they be overcome with pain, and dragged down into death with the slave. Immediately following the cessation of pain, the link is re-established, however. Carefully noting this subconsciously, or it would be plucked from his mind, he waited, working close to a sub latent telepathic transceiver. The instant he felt the crushing mind grip of his Dynarri disappear, he seized a needle full of burning, molten led, and injected it directly into his 3rd heart. In the moments of his death, he seized the transceiver, and plunged it into the telepathic centre of a Dynarri’s brain. He activated it, and his discovery, pumped into the Dynarri, flooded telepathically throughout our entire world. Like a nexus, it spread, Dynarri, to Dynarri, to slave, throughout my entire race.
There was chaos, all over the world, Ur-Quan, black and green, were slashing their veins with broken glass, bathing in burning liquid, plucking out their own eyes, even ripping out their own vitals. When their Dynarri, screaming, pulled away telepathically, the dieing Ur-Quan seized the closest Dynarri they could find, and crushed their huge, soft brains. For 17 years, Ur-Quan kind fought the Dynarri and their war-machines and pushed them back, inch by inch, their other slaves fighting us, too. In the 2nd year of the Great War, using Kzer-Za’s notes, the Excruciator was designed. Inserted directly into an Ur-Quan brain, it pulses horrifically mind tearing, burning pain all throughout their body. Every Ur-Quan had one, and wore it for 15 long years that seemed like an eternal fiery burning hell.”
Shuddering, the ageless creature touched a scar on its forehead.
“You cannot imagine the pain, of wearing an Excruciator for a second... multiply that pain by...”The creature calculated silently for a moment”...28382400000 seconds. That is the pain after 15 long years. When the last living Dynarri had been cryogenically frozen, we decided death was far too lenient a punishment. We implanted Excruciators in every last one of their brains, and gave them immortality, setting up intravenous feeding; we left them, on their guarded home world, for the rest of time, to scream forever in the dark, writhing in eternal torture. A few we kept, and modified them to be non sentient, and use as our CPUs for our ships, which feed on their huge brains.”
     The vid screen pans across, and shows a horrible, yet mindless looking toad with thousands of electrodes attached to it. The voice continues, the speaking Ur-Quan off-screen. “After we finished punishing the Dynarri scum, we were at a loss as to what to do now...Kohr-Ar, the leader of the blacks, dictated the Doctrine of Now and Forever, which stated that ALL none Ur-Quan must be exterminated, to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.
     The blacks, the soldiers, were the worst affected by the Excruciators, and had gone collectively insane...They followed Kohr-Ar, and named themselves after him. The Kzer-Za, named after the scientist who freed us all, chose their own path that ruled that all non Ur-Quan must be imprisoned under an impenetrable shield, like your Earth, or submit to being battle thralls, cannon fodder in our quest...Or Die. For the last few half a million years, we have been nomadic, our entire species up and left, consuming alien worlds to sustain our fleets. The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za went one way, eventually finding our way here. The Kohr-Ar went the opposite way, and have ended here also...both of us carrying out our doctrines as we go, millions of worlds, tens of thousands of races, all imprisoned, enslaved, or dead. Now, having met, we fight ritualised combat, if we lose, we will stand aside and let every species in this sector be purged by our ancient brothers. Hope we do not lose, Captain or your Earth will also lose.
Now you know our quest, and our plight... out of respect for the Mael-Num... I grant you life; flee this sector, for if we see you again, you shall die.”

The Ur-Quan’s voice faded away, and in the moments before the vid screen flickered off, the Dynarri, still on screen, looked directly into my eyes, and an evil, never ending laugh, that will haunt my very soul forever, sounded in my mind. The Dynarri winked, then assumed its glazed over expression again. I turned the screen off, and fled with my ship. It doesn’t matter where...just as far away from that laugh as my life can take me. [Journal entry ends]

<All credit goes to the revered creators, Paul and Fred>

I know its a bit long, but if you've read all the way down to here it must be worth the bytes of space its taken up on my pc, Thankyou *bows*

Title: Re: My Short Story
Post by: RDH_An-R-Kist on July 02, 2004, 01:21:38 am
very nicely written.

I really enjoyed that.

Poor Ur-Quan.  Ah well, they'll get over it. :P

Title: Re: My Short Story
Post by: Censored on July 02, 2004, 02:39:15 am
isn't that what they say in the game? :P

Title: Re: My Short Story
Post by: Culture20 on July 03, 2004, 01:55:51 am
It's a paraphrase, but his twist seems to be that the Ur-Quan only _think_ that they've "neutered" the Dynarri.

Title: Re: My Short Story
Post by: Sander Scamper on July 06, 2004, 07:55:51 pm
Thanks Culture20

This is really only a backstory to a story ill likely never really like, and i go into it into more detail, for instance the obvious question i didnt answer is 'if the Dynarri retained their power, why the facade?"
I used the following answer :The Urquan Kzer Za imprison worlds and put satellites around them, not including the battle thralls that 'i think' they simply left behind them as they continued. My theory is that at every sector of space (such as the Starmap), the Dynarri leave behind a few of their race, awaiting a signal.
When the signal is struck, the Dynarri, now spread across virtually the entire galaxy, will assume control, and using the entire races of the galaxy, enact a terrible revenge upon the Ur Quan. So Ends the galaxy, totally under Dynarri rule,  unless another Kzer Za comes along to start everything again, on a galactic scale...which i believe to be highly unlikely now that the Dynarri know their weakness all too well.

Just thought i would leave this little footnote to solve an obvious question, with a quite good answer, i thought =p
btw, Constructive criticism is very welcome! =)