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Title: Pkunk In Space Without Suits?:P
Post by: Jamieous on December 06, 2002, 04:04:46 pm
I haven't seen this posted....but often when i talk to the pkunk on thier homeworld,i will be sent back to the navigate screen,and as i drift away in my ship,they still keep talking,even though i'am not in the dailouge screen. The stuff fades out after i get about 2-3 ship lengths away. Otherwise the pkunk finish thier lines then shutup,has i can not make a choice.(Or sometimes it works just fine.....this may be just a odd happening though to my shitty pc)

p3/250mbram/1thousandsomemhz,3ghz i belive...
(geforce 2 video,if that makes a difference) Win-hell editon(win-me)