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Title: Not running
Post by: ngn on August 31, 2004, 08:28:25 am
After compiling and installing on a linux system, I get following message if I try to run the game.

Initializing SDL (pure).
SDL driver used: x11
SDL initialized.
Initializing Screen.
Set the resolution to: 640x480x32
WARNING: SetSemaphore did not return 0, this could be bad!
Initializing SDL audio subsystem.
SDL audio subsystem initialized.
Initializing MixSDL mixer.
MixSDL using driver 'SDL_audio'
MixSDL Mixer initialized.
   opened dsp at 44100 Hz 16 bit stereo, 4096 samples audio buffer
Initializing sound decoders.
Sound decoders initialized.
0 joysticks were found.
Error: Could not copy default key config to user config dir: No such file or directory.

Can someone help me here?

Title: Re: Not running
Post by: meep-eep on August 31, 2004, 09:05:33 pm
It triest to copy the keys.cfg file from the content dir or zip file to ~/.uqm/
The latter dir should be created if it doesn't exist, so I presume it can't find the content dir or zip file.
What version have you compiled? The 0.3 source, or the CVS version. The latter is advised.
Also, how did you install it? Have you followed the steps in doc/users/unixinstall?

Title: Re: Not running
Post by: Erik on October 19, 2004, 12:46:57 pm
I am also getting the same error and I did not compile it.
I am also running Winxp

Title: Re: Not running
Post by: meep-eep on October 19, 2004, 01:34:29 pm
Try searching for It should be 12554418 bytes in size. If it's not, replace it by a new copy from
(Do not unpack it)

Title: Re: Not running
Post by: Herby on October 19, 2004, 01:52:21 pm
OKay, right. Found the problem.  When installing the content file, do not unzip it. All you have to do is copy to the package dir
Stupid me