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Title: 3DO, PC endings
Post by: Shiver on October 06, 2004, 10:52:38 am
The forum FAQ links to PONAF, which in turn links its videos to that stupid piece of crap FilePlanet that makes you log in and sit on a waiting list every time you wanna download something. The 3DO intro video is no longer on the site, the ending is but I didn't have the patience to bother with it. Where is the rightful PC ending? I do not see it anywhere. PONAF seems to have the PC intro, but the thing doesn't play sound. This is aggravating.

I ask because I'm trying to get this into my guide. It's not complete without showing you where you can see the ending.

Title: Re: 3DO, PC endings
Post by: Cronos on October 06, 2004, 11:33:21 am
I'd like to take this opportunity to hijack your thread and request a link to the Warlok files as well. I need them for a project a friend and I are working on and since a recent reformat I've either misplaced them or lost them entirely. Google is of little help, as is a forum search apart from the "Go check the timewarp site" which is fairly useless now...

It also indirectly relates to your problem though, since I'll need to get those movies again =\

Title: Re: 3DO, PC endings
Post by: meep-eep on October 06, 2004, 01:38:13 pm
The PC intro and ending slides can be found in cvs, in the directory content/slides/. The only thing missing is the animation of the Sa-Matra blowing up.

The cvs version of the game can play the 3DO .duk files, but they are not included. You'll need a 3DO CD for that.

Title: Re: 3DO, PC endings
Post by: Chad on October 07, 2004, 04:54:18 am
The files are hosted on a separate part of fileplanet where there is almost never a wait.

The link to the page to download them is

I'm downloading them fine right now in Internet Explorer.  They are both there.  Fileplanet might have hiccuped for a second, you should try downloading the one you couldn't get to work again.

No sound for the PC Intro?  If someone could convert it into Flash movie with the MOD sound file, that would probably be the "modern" way of doing it.  Otherwise, all that is here is this...

You can get screenshots of the PC Intro, Ending and Credits on this page at the bottom right...

I also downloaded all of these files fine.

Personally, I'd tell the people to download UQM (to see the intro) and finish the game (to see the ending, once added ;) )