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Title: Sound issues
Post by: ZWing on December 07, 2002, 10:26:21 am
Hi, I just got this port. Very happy about it. Strangely, I havent gotten any bugs that are posted here on me yet. I have auto-piloted in and out of a star system without a single crash or graphics mishap. The only one I noticed is the redraw bug when saving at the shipyard screen.

The problem is that when running UQM, I dont get any speech at all. I can notice a SLIGHT popping or something similar of a noice when the voice is playing. I turned off the music in the in-game options and now I can hear the voice very VERY faintly. I have an 815EEA mobo with onboard sound. It uses SB PCI128 drivers, which I updated very recently. Can anyone give me a possible solution?

I am using the 0.1 WIN32 version. My PC is a P3 733Mhz, RIVA TNT graphics card, 815EEA mobo with onboard sound, WinME as OS.