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Title: My 1000th Post.....
Post by: FalconMWC on November 12, 2004, 01:26:03 am

Honestly, looong ago, I thought as a typical forum noobie at the time, that it is "it" to have 1000 posts. (quick note - when I saw one account while surfing the web with about 56,000 posts I nearly fainted....) Now that I have 1000 posts - it really is not a big deal. I have learned a lot, thanks to the patience of D_999, Lukipela, Meep-eep and others.

Hmm.... Well, now as the reader, you can fall asleep, but incase you are really, really bored, you can find out what I actually learned while being in this forum. When I first started out, I had about 80 posts by the end of the week. (yeah, you read right) As you can expect - I really did not post a first to help other people or contribute to the thread, but to increase my post count. Which, I thought at the time was the sole symbol of "rank" in a forum. Well, I found myself starting to debate in topics - in which I really had know knowledge in and as a result  - sounded like fool. (Actually - come to think of it - I ws one.... ;) )

Sooo... When I hit about 300-350 posts, I started cooling down  and starting to answer questions and contribute only when I had something useful. Well - about 400-450, my old habits kicked in and I started posting obsessivly again. (In other words - spamming......)

After my enlightened, when I looked back - it was not really worth it. I found myself asking a question - would I post this - if there was no post count? As a result, I deleted almost 50 posts or post-to-be's that were not really adding to the thread. Not that I am perfect now by any means, but I believe I have improved quite a bit.

Welllll.... Now that I have dragged you through my first forums story (and really my only forum I call "home" to) I'd figure that certain people on this forum sometimes need to ask the question - would I post this without a post count? If it is something like "LOL" or "haha" or something like that - then probably not.

Well, anyway, before I let you fall asleep again, I just want to say thanks to all the members that have helped me get where I am. Several times I deserved a good pillow whackin' and you guys were nice enough to give it too me.  ;) Again, my special thanks to Lukipela, D_999 and Meep-eep.

Ok, carry on everyone!

Title: Re: My 1000th Post.....
Post by: Halleck on November 12, 2004, 08:33:42 am
Wow! That leads me to one of two conclusions:
1) You are a posting legend, and have joined the ranks of the elite.
2) You spend entirely too much time on these forums. :P
I think i'll stick with the former one, as I spend waaay to much time here as well. Anyway, congrats! ;D

Title: Re: My 1000th Post.....
Post by: Death 999 on November 12, 2004, 10:38:52 pm

(Considering the circumstances, I don't think that can be called spam)