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Post by: Arianna Reiche on January 22, 2005, 08:32:03 pm
Hi all,

This is Arianna again, with a request from any and all SC1 and 2 fans with a wealth of knowledge on the topic of the games.

I noticed recently that (the internet's main database for films and television) added videogames to their listings. They have Star Control listed, and Star Control 3 (but who cares -- oops who said that?) and I've been told that Star Control 2 is on its way to being listed, but the info on SC1 is really rather askew. It credits almost no one and has no trivia. Is this any way to reflect one of the most influential games of our time?

So my request is that people bombard imdb with new info on the game. At the bottom of the Star Control page it says Update information. Anyone familliar with the updating process would be specially helpful, because it can get complicated, but you're all smart individuals, I'm sure you could figure it out.

Add credits, random facts, reviews, anything valid that you can think of.

And when Star Control 2 comes up, remember to add info to that as well. It just seemed unfair to me that Extreme Disney Skate got a page but SC2 didn't.

Thanks everyone! I know this means a lot to the whole TFB team!