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Title: New MacOS X Unofficial Release
Post by: Nic on February 15, 2005, 03:22:35 am
I'm cross-posting this thread (;action=display;num=1073774841;start=15#19) to General Discussion, because I'm a cockbite.  :P

I am most pleased to announce the completion of a "native" OSX port of the Ur-Quan Masters, available here:

It's fairly rough at this point, and I'm looking for bug reports and comments.  Please download a copy, try it out, and post your results here.
  • On the features side, add-on packs are now supported!  I'm sure everyone will agree, it's about time.  See the README file in the disk image for instructions on their use.
  • The Launcher is now a native Cocoa app, and is integrated with the main application, which means the disappearing/reappearing Dock icon is officially a thing of the past.
  • It also uses OSX Frameworks instead of Unix-style shared libs, which eliminates all of the weird hacks that the previous versions employed to make themselves run.  This version can also be invoked from the command-line with no worries.
  • The game now logs its output to the syslog (/var/log/system.log) rather than /tmp/uqm.out  The syslog can be viewed by running the Console utility (under Applications:Utilities)
  • On the "step backwards" side, you can no longer save your Launcher settings, or supress the Launcher on startup.  I'm waiting for coredev to implement the official config file format first, then I'll have the Launcher parse it and set the options.
  • I also plan to introduce drag-and-drop add-on installation through the Launcher at a later date.