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Title: unbeleivable movie/song fits
Post by: goraz on April 15, 2005, 07:47:53 pm
Aside from the notorious Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" fit, there is one in particular that I discovered through lazying around that fits almost too perfectly.

I was listening to "Reasons to Me", (or similarly titled) by Built to Spill, I don't remember the album, but at the same time I was watching American History X starring Edward Norton and Edward Furlong.

For a real treat, fast forward the movie to about 3 minutes until the credit reel, where the black student takes the very first shot with his handgun toward Edward Furlong. There is a short transition scene before this happens where it pans quickly across a scene of students. At that presise moment, pause the tape and pause the song at 0.01, then play both.
I noticed that cymbal crashes, guitar licks, and certain slowings of the song fit perfectly with the slow water/tear effects the movie has. Also, the song contains a line "Stay with me until I die", which, if timed right, happens during a scene where Edward Norton is holding a wounded, dying Edward Furlong. The movie sequence ends with a peaceful look across Venice Beach, with seagulls flying and waves lapping, also a flashback of Norton and Furlong as little boys. At the exact moment of transition between this scene and the previous scenes, the song also begins to slow down and plays a peaceful melody. Unbeleivably, the cymbal crashes begin again, and the song picks up to the original chorus at the exact moment the credits begin to roll.

Title: Re: unbeleivable movie/song fits
Post by: goraz on April 15, 2005, 07:49:42 pm
There are coincidently other parts of the movie that match with other parts of the Built to Spill album, I just don't remember where.

Does anyone else have any unbeleivable movie/song fits?