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Title: Spathi, cypher?  
Post by: Maugan on December 10, 2002, 10:40:01 pm
I can not figure out how to get the spathi to ask me to clear their homeworld for them.  I have tried all the options to the secret cypher password several times, talked nice to the orbiting ships, reloaded, cleared the planet first and tryed again, etc.

I can not get the spathi to do anything for me at all, just tell me I can't get the cypher and attack at the moon.  What am I doing wrong?  All the walkthroughs I have read say I am doing it right, but it is not working.  any help?

Title: Re: Spathi, cypher?  
Post by: Shivam on December 10, 2002, 10:51:19 pm
did you talk to fwiffo back on pluto?
cause he tells you the code right away =)

If you havent, go talk to the melnorme and buy data on races.