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Title: Suggestion: New features to "Super-Melee!" Mode
Post by: Deep-Jiffa on June 15, 2005, 06:03:30 am
As I were playing uqm:super-melee I notice several things when I was configuring the teams.

- When naming the groups:
1. The "end" or the "home" keys don't work.
2. Holding the "backspace" or the "del" keys results only with one letter erased. It should erase letters until you stop holding the button.
3. ctrl+a (select all) option will make erasing the group's name faster.

- Managing the fleets
1. Pressing a chosen key will make the slot blank.
2. An option to select several slots and erasing them or choosing the same ship for all slots.
3. It could be nice if you could use the mouse(especially for 1 + 2 )

1. Unselect all slots.
2. Select random ships in the remaining blank slots.
3. Random fleet( 1 + 2 ).
4. Blind mode: You can choose only random ("?") in the battle and you don't see your or your opponent remaining ships. Could be great with random mode.

Feel free to comment on my ideas or add your own features.

Title: Re: Suggestion: New features to "Super-Melee!
Post by: Halleck on June 15, 2005, 07:59:20 am
For #1, I agree completely. As for 2 and 3 I also agree, but that might go against the straight port doctrine (as do most of your specific feature requests).

Also, I think that mouse support is a planned future addition, but i'm not sure how far off it is.