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Title: Pre-alpha binaries for download?  Pretty please?
Post by: Nic. on November 10, 2002, 09:38:06 pm
I downloaded the source and tried to get it running with MinGW (aka GCC for win32), but was stopped cold before I could even fulfill the dependencies (OpenAL requires autoconf to build, which disagreed with my installation of Perl.  I could not convince it otherwise) so no SC2 for me. >:(

Would it be at all possible to get my hands on some pre-alpha win32 binaries?  I'm not too concerned with the fact that it crashes alot at this point..  Some help?


Title: Re: Pre-alpha binaries for download?  Pretty pleas
Post by: Mika on November 11, 2002, 11:55:03 am
It works only with MSVC 6 or 7 under win32; you gotta just wait some time still (we would have already made the release but that new title screen is delaying us).