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Title: Mother Ark
Post by: roets on October 10, 2005, 02:22:03 pm
I read in the wikipedia that the Mmrnmhrm originated from the mother ark, a huge factory somewhere in the Virginis Constellation.
If you visit all the planets in that constellation, can you find the mother ark, or is it gone?
And if so, on wich planet can i find it? :)

Does anybody know? thanks

Title: Re: Mother Ark
Post by: jack_cloudy on October 10, 2005, 04:09:09 pm
I don't remember having been there or even hear a hint that it was still there. But, considering the fact that the Mmrnmhrm (damn hard name, it makes me bite of my tongue a dozen times) and the Chenjesu have been slaveshielded on the same planet, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ur-Quan either blasted it to pieces, stored it like they did with the Syreen ships or dropped it on the planet with the Mmrnmhrm and the Chenjesu (unlikely, seeing their paranoid nature, they might think that the slaves would be able to use it against them.) Whatever is the case, I don't give you much of a chance to find it, but if it is somewhere, I'll be dying to see it.

Title: Re: Mother Ark
Post by: Art on October 11, 2005, 09:48:31 am
Doesn't exist in the game. Probably dismantled, destroyed or impounded for further study by the Ur-Quan -- I mean, being them and *not* doing something like that wouldn't make any sense.

Title: Re: Mother Ark
Post by: JHGuitarFreak on October 11, 2005, 10:03:01 pm
if you really want a conclusion to that you could always play SC3...