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Title: storyline for screen play
Post by: Damani on November 07, 2005, 05:56:18 am

I'm new to this forum and I was looking at creating a star control scenario for a screen play or a series..

I wanted to know who to contact for more info, on the story lines histories and other issues nesseaary to create a plot ouy line that covers all three games.

Feel free to contact me at



Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: Krulle on November 07, 2005, 07:17:27 am
Very difficult,
SC3 is not considered as aprt of the SC universe by most of us here.
It has been developed by some other guys, not our brilliant and worshipped twin gods FF and PR. *bows deep while saying the names*
Therefor most of us would like any SC4 storyline to make SC3 undone.
Better yet: make a SC3 that replaces SCbad.

The developers  *bows deep* Fred Ford and Paul Reiche *stands erect again* shop is

As far as I know they never continued the SC saga, they had some ideas for continuation in mind, but they never completed any game, nor did they really finish the story line.


Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: d on November 13, 2005, 04:56:20 am
So what I am doing now is plotting events that lead to star control 1 then shifting over to star control 1 & 2.

What I would need is an advisor some one who is an expert that I can shoot ideas backa nd forth to. Over all what we are looking at is a pilot episode. then a series for star control 1, 2 and three though not popular would take place in a parallel reality (oh yes the plot would have to be improved and some how tie in with the other universe.)

If you are willing and intertested feel free to shoot me a proposal and I will shoot out an out line that I have so far.

contact me at

I also would need to know where the time line starts and ends for this.
(Anyone ever see the movie Green Slime.) Very similar set design.


Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: meep-eep on November 13, 2005, 06:22:56 am
The manuals for SC1 and SC2 and the hints book for SC2 are a good place to start for info on the time line.

I think most of us here would love to see a Star Control movie or series if well done. And I suspect there would be no shortage of people willing to offer assistance to someone who we think could do this.
So why don't you start by telling us something about yourself and your plan. This would be a spec script? Would you produce it yourself? What is your experience, and what exactly would you be doing?
To be honest, if I have to go by the language in your postings, I have my doubts about your ability to write a quality script. And then you haven't mentioned the rights to the story, which makes me wonder whether you do realise that you'd need to negotiate those with Toys for Bob (for SC2) and Atari (for SC3).

Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: Elerium on November 13, 2005, 11:49:23 pm
Hey Damani,

Why don't we work together on my plotline? It features all the good things from SC3 based in SC2.. (like a SC4 if you will ;))

I always wanted to get a mod done (especially SC mod :)) we could use these assets and make a nice game worthy ;)

PM me if your interested  8) (or I'll contact you).

(Lots of action in the first episode... Zelnick being rescued by Talanna.. Marines fighting armoured (which incinerates the body upon death) Androsynth.. :))

My MSN is

Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: xat on November 15, 2005, 11:49:11 am
I am a screenwriter (lol, small world), and can offer some advice.

You should contact the company that holds the rights to the SC games, and ask them if they would be interested in optioning the rights to a movie/series. Alternatively you could write a spec script before hand, and then contact them. I know that you would run into problems getting it green lighted if the copyright is in limbo - no production company would want to touch it until you have done all the leg work before hand.

If you have the finances or contacts to produce it yourself, then good - that would save a lot of time and effort. Its hard to say how well something like this would fare without anyone already in the business attached to the project.

If you need any help on editing/format or information on how these things work then I would be happy to give some advice.

Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: damani on November 17, 2005, 10:00:10 am

Thanks for the feedback. To be honest you have brought up some pretty convincing arguments. I enjoyed playing both games back in the day and have often frequented both sites.

'Why do this' you ask, the video game industry is huge and because of its interactive nature it eclipses the movie industry. Games like SC1 play out like a movie when it’s the computer vs. the computer portraying mans struggle. SC2 on the other hand plays more like an interactive command and conquer space adventure with a solid plot.

As for the rights I am aware that such a venture would require the authorization and blessing of the founder of the series. I had some difficulty trying to locate the people responsible for developing the games.

To do this properly we would have to write up a proposal and go from there.

SC3 - my spin on sc3 though not a popular subject here deals with spacial displacement. The androsynth created a temporal space fold displacing the Orz from their parent dimension. This act fueled aggressions from the Orz as they watched their numbers disappear.

On the other side the androsynth retaliated in defense of the Orz attack. The portal generator was seized and shut down. But not before a vast number of androsynth were displaced into the parallel universe. It was soon after that the humans discovered the Orz.

As a result those that survived the trip ended up with a traumatic memory loss. Under the impression that they were human they began their quest to solve the problems of the disappearance of hyperspace.

The SC universe in my opinion is best told as a series that could be easily translated into a game similar to star wars rebellion with movie clips. The clips would vary among the different levels of the game from beginner to director's cut. This outlay would have a hidden codec in it that would allow the game itself to be shown in its entirety as a complete movie to those who beat the game.

With all the new game systems out there proposing a pilot movie and series could spark the revitalization and continuation of the series.

About me -

I am a college graduate from Embry Riddle
A huge fan of sci fi and fantasy
Enjoy reading, writing and drawing.
Am a fan of such authors as Edgar Allen Poe,
Philip K Dick, Harlan Ellison, Ray Brad Berry, Hp Love Craft
I enjoy Rugby, working out, out door activities and aviation.

Me and a group of friends were fed up with how Hollywood butchers the classics. Frustrated with the out come of such movies as The count of Monty Cristo, the time machine, total recall, minority report, paycheck and countless others.

We thought it would be fitting to develop a media company and look at writing, developing and producing scientifically accurate, plot driven sci fi that has stunning visual effects. Picking up where star wars and star trek fell short.

Of course this is no small undertaking but as a group of young aspiring writers we know that the road ahead is going to be one of a labor of love before it becomes something others will enjoy. Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow proved this.

So though some of you remain skeptical on my abilities to post or write. I can only say being quick to judge and too hasty benefits no one.

Besides it is my aim to have input from the creators of the sc universe to encourage future sc projects.

Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: meep-eep on November 17, 2005, 08:47:23 pm
I think you should stick to SC2 and perhaps the events that lead up to it. There's plenty of material there. If you're doing this to put your own stamp on the SC universe, your movie is going to end up like the butchered Hollywood movies you're talking about, at least in the eyes of the fans (but probably with a lower budget). There's a quote by a famous Dutch author, "schrijven is schrappen", which means as much as "writing is scratching out". It refers to the hard part of writing which is omiting of ideas. If you're unwilling to let go of the ideas you already have of SC3, I'd suggest you start over with a new universe with new species, and forget about Star Control.
There's still plenty of places to put your creativity to use when adapting the game story into a script.

Also, a lot of the humour in SC2 comes from plain sillyness. If you're going for scientific accuracy, you'll inevitably sacrifice fun for realism.

Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: D on November 19, 2005, 03:46:28 am
The hope here is not to reinvent the wheel. The aim here was to work on doing a series that would originate before sc1 and cover both 1 & 2 with possiblities of going toward three. Of course not with out much feed back on how the scenario could be made palitable.

The truth is that this universe has alot to offer. Most of which predates human society. The trick is to exploit that material with out loosing the audiance or having them become disassociated with an off earth association.

Any one that wishes to provide input or feed back is more than welcome to join us in an email discussion as we shape out a plot using the given material of the time line and game.

Ultimatly they will have to look back at this market and possibly produce more games for the newer platforms.
But one thing at a time.

if intersted feel free to email me at



Title: Re: storyline for screen play
Post by: Censored on November 20, 2005, 08:01:21 pm
good luck!  :D