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Title: fun kid construction
Post by: nathanael on November 07, 2005, 06:35:13 am
When i lived in green bay age 10. we were constantly constructing things. like in the summer we built a fort in the woods. we found the perfect spot right behind the rails that ran inside the woods bout 2 yards away from clearing of danz park. right next to the rails were a stack of rotten rail logs im talkin the huge kind it took 3 of us to budge 1 of them. we would knock the logs over into the weeds down a small natural slant. and they hit a fallen was like everything was perfect. the logs would knock down the weeds then we'd get down from the logs and cut and pull the weeds. that took bout a day. then another day to clear a path to the river bout 8 yards away from the fort area.then we began construction on the fallen tree. it slanted up u see. so we built hammocks real high up. we said that it would protect us from the bucks. but who were we kidding we wanted to build the hammocks just cause we could.unfortunately after bout 3 weeks after we started we had internal issues.politics u see, we had troubles when 2 kids wanted to join our club. and those kids we had mixed feelings about. some of us wanted them in,some wanted them out,and some just didnt care. it split the club apart.

We stopped buildin throughout that fall and winter. startin at spring me and my sis checked on the fort grounds every now and then.then  a few friends started checkin on it too. we tried restartin the club that summer but bug populations had increased that we were constantly under attack by mosquitos in the afternoon even.hey it was a woods next to a river, do the math.dont know why there were so many more mosquitos that year then the year before.but hey they did and thats all that we waited till fall then we came back to the fort and saw it in ruins thanks to the destruction of time.But we repaired it and restarted. this time we kept it and got materials from a fort that my sis and other girls had made.cause they joined our fort once we remade some point we found a axe, i foreget when so we started to use it to get logs and stuff.we had lance a high schooler join our fort to. he helped make a shelter under the fallen tree.i tried makin a raft to no success.

then alex joined.he was the neighborhood bully he was a young punk. he used his advantage that if we fought back we'd be tooken in by the police. though he didnt do too much trouble yet.and he said he changed.we believed him all except my lil sister though.he did keep from startin fights but he caused alot of trouble, he kept destroyin things for his own needs. finnally we were sick of it so we kicked him out. he then started a fort across the river from us.we were sorta at a mud war for the first couple of days.then we made peace.though we didnt let him back in the fort we did make an alliance and we even helped him make his fort. we even converted a log goin across the river into a thin rope bridge by puttin a rope about 3 and a half feet above the log.but then cause of the lack of members,lance had left . and most of the members had moved away,and my sis left cause she didnt like alex,i dont blame her. we slowly stopped goin to the fort. (to be continued)

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 07, 2005, 07:15:42 am
Ok so i couldnt resist continueing tonight. ::)

Then came winter that year  it got cold real cold. it snowed alot like a foot and a half deep of snow.then it got warm bout 40 degrees can u imagine what the bottom of the hill at danz park looked like it was literally a lake. it did this every year but only when spring came. so when it got cold again the water turned to ice it was sweet it was a huge skatin rink. just be real careful though many places with thin ice. we would have fun showing off runnin across the thin spots. it was also fun laughin when one of us fell in.

Well when spring started the ice and new layer of snow start to melt. well me and derek were walkin across the shore line.yes i said shore line :o thats what it seemed like.we were tryin to figure out a way to float across. i kept on thinkin of usin his torpedoe sleds. but he didnt want too.well as we were walkin along thinking. we saw our friends at another dudes we went thier to see what was goin on.well they were just talkin. so we joined them.well the dudes house (i call him dude cause i cant remember his name)was next to the pond formed by the melted then we went next the pond,kinda cool it was like he had a natural dock.well right thier was a stuck log. so we had the wild idea,hey we could float on the pond with then we started to work hard to get it was grindin with the logs under it took us 3 days to get it unstuck.once we got it unstuck we relized one crucial piece of information,the way out was blocked by trees.  :-[  :-[ so then we found a weak spot where thier was just loose sticks and vines, well that took a day.(though these might seem long time figures u gotta remember we had to be incredibly careful that water was freezing and ocasionally someone would fall in and they'd have to go home for a while.)well when we got that done we relized some more crucial information the log kept spinning. :-[ (yes we were idiots) then we tried gettin a second log unstuck but we gave up. so we just played on the first log we got unstuck. u know when 2 lumberjacks would walk on a log in a river and see who can stay on longest, while the log is spinning.hey like i said we were idiots. later that day one of the guys got a air sled. it was perfect we attached a rope and sent a guy off.shame i never got too have a turn.well later when everyone else left. me and the lil dude had a talk. we were talkin bout god.well we got to that he wanted to float on the water too and he told me he had a air sled too. he got it but it kept deflating. we took turns but short turns for obvious reasons.and then the day ended i helped him put away his sled and i went home.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 07, 2005, 09:31:26 pm
Well when i was 13 in the summer we moved to Mt Airy,NC.
For bout a year ive been alone no friends.But last January we went to a church made and i made some friends. Thier is a woods and river next to the church.But i was still gettin use to the fact that thiers 10 times as many spiders here, then in Green Bay.

Ive finnally started construction on a fort at the church woods yesterday.
I began workin on a bridge across the river so i can reach the other side.Thats just full of beach few weeds and plenty of trees. It will be like discovering the new world all over again. ;D

Well i just wanted to say that.Anybody else have any stories of fort building. Or if ure currently working on a fort?

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: JonoPorter on November 08, 2005, 09:36:53 am
Anybody else have any stories of fort building.
Here is a story about a fort. (

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 08, 2005, 10:55:58 pm
Thats pretty cool. 8)
Anybody else?

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Death 999 on November 09, 2005, 12:09:57 am
I went to the American Boychoir School from age 9-13. There was a reasonable amount of woods around, and there was at any given moment roughly 4 forts... the politics were extensive and backstabby.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 09, 2005, 12:16:15 am
Sounds familiar only thier was usually two groups fightin.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Death 999 on November 10, 2005, 07:22:29 pm
Oh, the politics wasn't so much BETWEEN the forts, but in the people trying to get into them.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 11, 2005, 04:12:53 am
That was usually the group that we were fightin a group that was jealous of our fort and we wouldnt let them join.

Isnt that just like humans,if they cant have it then they destroy it?

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 14, 2005, 03:18:55 am
Bummer.The new fort area I found is apparently off-limits :'(.Now i would get it if it was cause it was private property or somethings.But u wanna know why its off-limits?Cause the church says i can hurt myself.Like I can fall into the river or can i can slip and hit my head on a rock.

Now u guys probably heard this complaint alot but.Im freaking 14.Everyone knows im goin thier sometimes my sis comes even.

Now get this anyone over 16 can go down thier.What the heck the exact same thing can happen too 20 or 17 year old's.Anyone think this is unfair?

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Culture20 on November 16, 2005, 02:20:54 am
Land owners generally don't want kids getting hurt on their properties because of liability (the land owners can get in trouble with the law or get sued if you're hurt on their property).  The easiest way to keep kids from getting hurt on one's property is to not let them play on the property.  I had more than one fort razed to the ground for this very reason.  With more than a decade and a half of hindsight, I finally agree that the people who owned the land did the right thing; some of my forts were dangerous with a capital D.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Nathanael on November 16, 2005, 05:25:51 am
But they allow kids older then 16. ???

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Culture20 on November 19, 2005, 12:30:33 am
Because at that age, the land owners in your area might not incur as much legal risk.  Yes, I know, it's an artificial boundry, but that's what Law is:  a bunch of artificial boundries that make our lives generally more pleasent.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Deus Siddis on November 19, 2005, 04:40:38 pm
"that's what Law is:  a bunch of artificial boundries that make our lives generally more pleasent."

Now that's a definition you don't hear very often. :P

I wonder if you could you use a similar def for land mines:

"Land Mines: A nearly invisible explosive device that generally blows someone apart from the torso down, making our lives generally more pleasant."

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Death 999 on November 22, 2005, 07:53:55 pm
That analogy was pretty forced... just imagine anarchy and compare. You probably like the law a little more then.

Title: You can't make a good society with bad guys.
Post by: Deus Siddis on November 23, 2005, 05:43:48 am
If convoluted books and police enforcement is all that keeps our neighbors from shooting us, then this modern society is pretty forced, as well.

Title: Re: fun kid construction
Post by: Death 999 on November 23, 2005, 03:52:35 pm
Try visiting the ghetto some time...

Title: fun society construction
Post by: Deus Siddis on November 23, 2005, 09:02:11 pm
So then I take it you are a survivor of the ghetto, with the scares to prove it?

I could use the Soviet Union as an example of law and order, but I don't think that would be very fair, either.

Anarchy does work for small groups of people that know and trust each other. It would never work for a city, but life didn't always revolve around such a place.