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Title: star control 3....
Post by: roets on November 15, 2005, 12:50:18 am
Hi all, I've played the ur-quan masters for quite a while now, and I do think it's a really great game! I recently finished the game and so I thought, why not give star control 3 a try, even if it does have a bad reputation in general.

The problem is, it won't run!

It says (and i quote)

16 bit MS-DOS subsystem
The system file is not suitable for running ms-dos and windows applications.
Chise close to terminate the application

SO of course i pressed the "ignore" button, but alas, it dindn't do much/
Now i'm not a complete computer noob, so i know it's just xp bullshitting.

Has anyone have this problem and know how to solve this?
I know this isn't exactly the right place for this kind of question as it's a SC2/ur-quan masters forum, but i would appreciate any help from you guys!

Thnx in advance

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: roets on November 15, 2005, 09:56:45 am
Ok, i fixed the problem, it were soms files in my win32 folder that were damaged or missing.
Now i can run the setsound utility and it starts up sc3

However, the utility (setsound) works fine, but when starting op sc3.exe, i just get a black screen and usually am forced to reboot. Any suggestions.? please people!

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: Krulle on November 15, 2005, 08:40:46 pm
SCneverhappened worked for me, when I played it (under Win95 and later under Win98SE). Never even tried it under XP.
But I nearly always have problems running elder games under WinXP.
Sometimes a batch file with fullscreen setting and such helps.

I can just propose to try and try, since SCdefinatlynotcanon most likely has fucked up your system already (at least it did fuck up my Win95 and Win98SE (the latter was more or less provoked and on purpose).


Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: leonas.andriulis. on November 22, 2005, 04:06:26 pm
2 roets>
can you explain, how you have solved your first problem? i can't run sc3 too on my win xp. thanx :)

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: roets on November 25, 2005, 11:05:40 am
You mean that when you start up a dos application it begins barfing a 16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem error while installing or running a DOS application?

It's soms files corrupted or missing in your windows/system32 folder

I found this link very informative...
Just read the site, and it has files that replace the missing or corrupted files.
It actually works.

et voila!  ;)

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: Culture20 on November 27, 2005, 05:03:47 pm
You might want to check for spyware too; there are some strains that replace autoexec.nt et al with their own versions, which often results in errors for old DOS apps on 2000/XP machines.

This suggestion should not be construed as tacit approval of Star Control 3.

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: James on December 22, 2005, 09:53:43 pm
take my advice, it's not worth the effort or time to install let alone play... your setting yourself up for a freaking huge dispointment. The game is so bad, it's  not even worthy of bad reviews. Just say NO :) It's is my hope that Star Control IV Captain wakes up from a bad dream that was StarControl III

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: Light on December 24, 2005, 09:57:37 am
Star Control III is horid... hell... even Wikipedia can't help but give negative feedback and they attempt to be middle ground on everything

Star Control 3
While Star Control 3 retained the adventure/combat combination of the second game, there was less diversity; it was limited to the combat and exploration. Although some believe the third game is good enough in its own right, many players found Star Control 3 a disappointment after Star Control II. In particular, the illusion of freedom found in the second game was missing.

SC3 had fewer ship types, a confusing "2½-D" interface, and graphics and music many regarded as poor. The adventure game was also criticized as having a plot far less complex which failed to maintain continuity with the second game; furthermore, significant portions of dialogue text were directly copied from Star Control II, and some quests repeated those in Star Control II exactly. The majority of these problems likely stem from Star Control's original designers—Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III—not being involved in any stage of the project. Despite some recurring ship designs, the majority of new ships showed lack of imagination displayed in those found in the previous games, with some even closely resembling those from SCII. The computer AI for the mêlée section was unpredictable, sometimes employing tactics that would make the battle unwinnable (by flying away from the player in a faster ship, for example). The redesigned mêlée engine was difficult to use (especially when in pseudo-3D) and compares poorly to that of SCII in terms of strategic play.

In a feat of krypto-revisionism, many fans of the two earlier games have decided to simply ignore SC3, retconning it into never happening.

Star Control 3 was developed by Legend Entertainment and released for MS-DOS and the Macintosh in 1996.

Source :

Title: Re: star control 3....
Post by: Elegnaim on January 02, 2006, 07:41:44 am
You know, I think that puppets for the aliens was actually a good idea. The problem is, the puppets just looked really bad. If they'd put some EFFORT into them, they could've had this wonderful Jim Henson/original Star Wars thing going on. Perfectly charming. As it stands, half the puppets look like really, really odd genitals. Notably the mycon. I mean, god :/ LOOK at it. And I honestly LIKED the floppy, gooey, puppety look of the X-Com: apocalypse aliens, for comparison. Then again, those were supposed to look sort of disgusting. A lot of the SC2 aliens were pretty cute, though. I mean, I can befriend a fluffy racoon person, or a technicolor clam-lobster. I don't want to befriend slimy looking meaticules :(