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Title: When will the next version be out?
Post by: k776 on December 19, 2005, 01:44:49 am
I absolutly love UQM, and I was wondering when the next version would be out? The last release was back in May, and I think its about time for an update. Acording to the change log (*checkout*/sc2/sc2/ChangeLog?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain) since 0.4.0, theres been a few changes (both bug fixes and improvements).

I have a quite a few suggestions for the games graphical interface and new features, but I wanted to check out 0.5.0 first. Perhaps an ETA from someone who manages the project.

Or even better... suprise us and release it today :D I'm not sure how stable it is though.  Edit: I just downloaded the latest snapshot. There is a few bugs, which have probably already been found and fixed soon. But I'll report them anyway. Oh well. Hopefully the new version will be out soon. Unfortunatly I dont know how to code for the game so I can't help speed up the process :(