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Title: Pkunk question
Post by: Adrian on January 18, 2006, 08:16:00 pm
Hello all,

Just checking in with all you old school gamers and really enjoying playing Star Control 2 err The Ur-Quan Masters. ;D

I used to play Star Control 1 in high school in biology class, but never did play SC2.

So here's my situation.

The more I play the more i find certain ships I really enjoy playing as.

That being said I really like the insanity of the Pkunk ships. Those buggers are in my opinion the fastest sons of guns in the game. Really insane.

I'd almost say they were near perfect except that I still haven't mastered them entirely and was wondering if anyone had certain pointers.

1. How can I consistently get a resurrection? So far I only see it happening if I play really gutsy and get in the face of the enemy blasting them and also insulting them. In one match I almost took out my entire opponent's team using one Pkunk ship and at least 7 to 8 resurrections.

2. So far I recognize that resurrections do not happen when being destroyed in a collision like when slamming into a planet or being slammed by the Androsynth ship.

Thanks for the help.

Is there a concensus on ship rankings for SC2?
How the hell do you use the Sylandro ship properly? (I hate that ship)
The Thraddash are my second favorite of the little dudes.

Title: Re: Pkunk question
Post by: TiLT on January 18, 2006, 08:19:29 pm
Pkunk resurrection is a flat 50% chance, unaffected by any other factors.

Title: Re: Pkunk question
Post by: Draxas on January 18, 2006, 08:30:43 pm
^ What he said.

As for the Slylandro Probe, it has unique methods of propulsion and energy recharge. Probes never stop moving at a fixed speed, so the thrust key serves an entirely different purpose than normal; it reverses the direction of the probe's movement. One you get used to this type of movement, you'll find that the probes can outmanuver most (if not all) of the other ships in the game.

I'm sure you've seen their weapon in action, so I'm not going to spend time explaining that. However, the probe doesn't regenrate battery power on its own. In order to recharge its batteries, you need to fly it near an asteroid while holding the special key. This will destroy the asteroid and fill the probe's batteris to max.

The combination of all these factors makes the probe best suited for hit & run tactics; you (ideally) dart into your opponents least defended angle, and use the lighning arm to press the attack while using your superior manuverability to avoid retaliation. Once your batteries are exhausted (or you think your opponent might be able to draw a bead on you), you dart away and hunt down an asteroid to recharge. Lather, rinse, repeat; there are few foes that can stand up to an expertly piloted Probe.

Title: Re: Pkunk question
Post by: Halleck on January 19, 2006, 03:23:50 am
Some probe pilots, I hear, like to wedge themselves into a ship and lightning it until it dies.