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Title: New here
Post by: Spike on January 23, 2006, 09:04:53 am
hi all,

just wanted to say hi,
i played the 3do version many years ago.
in fact i played it till i wore it out,took it to a game stop and traded it in for something else, a year goes by ,
I trade in some more games and theres a nother copy, so i say what the hell, it turned out it was the same copy io had because i had stuff written down in the manual.LOL
 so i played it again for maybe a month and the cd got scratched somehow and never got to play again,

have sege version emulator for star control 1 and have cd for star control 3 which doesnt work in win xp now..

so i went to look for star  2 info and found the urquan masters and currently am installing,
i hope this works because its such a great game......

anyways thanx in advance for doing this i cant wait to play,,
22 mins left on install..

thanx again.:)