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Title: No more AL_DATA?
Post by: bpoint on January 28, 2006, 08:45:21 am
It seems that with OpenAL-0.0.8, support has been dropped ( for AL_DATA.  The enum no longer exists in al.h.  With the latest CVS, this means that audiodrv_openal.c (line 72) doesn't compile.

I tested UQM with this line set to zero and it _seemed_ to work fine.  I was able to change the driver to OpenAL and use positional sound without a problem.  But I don't quite know how the sound system works in UQM, so I'm not in any position to say if it's a safe fix or not.

I'll be using the SDL driver myself, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up...

Title: Re: No more AL_DATA?
Post by: fossil on January 30, 2006, 12:55:44 pm
Thanks for the heads up. We will simply remove AL_DATA from UQM audiocore. It is not being used anyway.