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Title: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: vux_brush on February 26, 2006, 11:28:18 am
Excuse my english, please, is not my native language.

Wow, what a game. It kept me this weekend like absolutely devoted to the game.

I had played at somebody's home starcontrol once many years ago, and man, I thought it was great it got back to life, but never imagined this quality and depth in this coming back.

And well, from a pixel artist (I work as well as illustrator, and all kind of 2d/3d art)  that works at this moment at mobile phone game companies (doing 3d and pixel art) , man, I like also the artwork.It keeps all the great old school feeling, and the very special feel of Starcontrol.. :)

I am now getting back to pixel art, thanks to low powered hardware -yet- of mobile phones. This will change soon, but I am enjoying the moment. Having the possibility of play yet a deep and alive pixel art based game (there are others, but not to absorb me like this SC2 ) is  such a pleasure...

Thanks a lot. I am a kind of stressed guy at my work, forced to do not so lovely tasks, so SC2 gives hours of relax and enjoyment :)

I have read partially some threads here, just found today the forum.

I am of the opinion that 320x240 or the like  gfx simply rock. I am used to do at work full game screens at 176x208, 128x128, etc..sprites and tiles  of 16x16, 8x8, 64x64,, not only I like it; I love it.It was a game I surely would not like to see changed in that...(today I learnt there's a sc3, I have not seen it)

If I weren't as crazily busy -I work an average of 10 hours a day at a game company-  I'd offer my self to do pixel art as new artwork if actually is needed. That'd be from new talking human characters (ie: the commander I saw in game (i only had played the melee combat, way back in first sc)) , and I have experience on doing pixel art space ships, items, or even bg ilustrations. Yet though, I don't have time even for my essential tasks, so is a pitty.

But for if I find some day an hour, I'd like to know if , provided the quality of work is of the very likes of this comunity developers, provided it suits the game, the plans, etc...As it has to suit many things...I would not get offended if my graphic wont get in game...I can allways use as part of my portfolio the non acepted work.

Kudos for and extremely good work, and please, keep it alive.

I have expensive 3d games(I do 3d, and well,I don't really like it in games.i learnt it deeply for needs of money and professional profile  ) purchased at my shelevs, taking dust, as many don't have sc2 freedom, depth, and graphic feeling. And I like the graphic adventure touch. I dunno exactly what was already at the original sc, as I only played at that friend's house the melee mode, but whatever, it's amazing.

Lol, and I have just begun to play the game...

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Vux_Brush on February 26, 2006, 12:02:34 pm
Hadn't seen  this thread... (

Looks like there are several high skilled gfx artists devoted to the project.

I have only seen random gfx, not actually read thorugh it all.

Anyway, if there's some graphics task list anywhere... As I said, I am quite destroyed of doing graphics at my company all day, but looking at a list, who knows, I may take a task  from  time to time...
I can do pixel art, hi res 2d (like the ones seen at that above thread) , ilustrations also of humans and landscapes, whatever in 3d(rendered or real time),  items/ui art, well, anything. Just time is the issue. So if there's a list to look at that'd be great for finding the moment of free time. Of course I don't mean there should be a list ;)  . Maybe there's not even the single need of gfx to be made. I just ask in case there is ;)
Who knows, maybe there's the need of an isolated ship or item.

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Vux_Brush on February 26, 2006, 03:20:00 pm
Oh, can't show my latest pixel art, 20 space ships (quite original ;) ) I did for some $. All em were hand drawn, pixel art style, though not following some strict old skool   rules, but my own. I am afraid game is not released, so big pitty: can't show yet.

Em.. and some 3d for real time games, I can show here, but is not hi poly render, is for be loaded interactively, so the low polygon count :

I emphasize that I only would like to know if there's a gfx task list, not that I am gonna head into gfx making for sure..

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Censored on February 26, 2006, 03:34:29 pm
Hello, and welcome! :)

Very nice work indeed. I think redoing the conversation shots (the commander for example) is a must, but as you said it's a LOT of work. Should be done some day though.

 There is no "list", but you can just join in the fray.
Preferably post in this ( thread, as it's already mainly about graphics, plus in just 100 posts or so it'll be the longest thread ever ;)

Good luck!

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Vux_Brush on February 26, 2006, 05:24:09 pm

Many thanks, Censored !  8)

I'll post then at that thread...I am...well, starting to see that best option (as I know how hard is to combine gfx efforts with actual code, even being at same room ;)  ) will be just me posting there new artwork, no matter if included or not,(for the fun of it) I guess I'll do stuff pixel level like if were to put ingame (taking screenshots from actual game, so to make it match perfectly and also identical style ) , or just hi res(what I don't catch is if is hi res how can it be added to game? Well, I guess one of these days I should read fully the 14 pages, lol...) art like all I see in that long thread, which also must be said, does rock :) So, any day-off I may have in my work in future, may end up with some nice sprites, tiles, animations, whatever... Cool. :)

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Vee-R on February 26, 2006, 05:34:40 pm
....And well, from a pixel artist (I work as well as illustrator, and all kind of 2d/3d art)  that works at this moment at mobile phone game companies (doing 3d and pixel art)....

I would just like to point out that my envy is currently measured in gigawatts.
I'd love to get a job like that some day.... at least before all mobile phones get their own 3D accellerators with 256mb RAM.

Just curious - where ya from?

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Censored on February 26, 2006, 06:49:40 pm
Sorry to break in, but - Vux_Brush - if you do intend to try working some of the conversation screens you might want to talk to the core team developers (the coders) to see what's going to be the maximum resolution that would be used in the final release (1.0), or if there would be any drastic changes in that area, that could affect your decisions.
(you can post any questions in this thread or another, they're very active in the forum)

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Vux_Brush on February 27, 2006, 01:49:24 am

Well, I live somewhere farther than 400.3, 343.7 ....[ Ehm...must stop playing now ;) ] ...No, seriously, I try to keep my data quite anonimous as one of my bosses likes a lot to dig in forums and inet, and has spoted me before... Well, not USA, not Canada, No France...somehwer in Europe ;)

About the *really* should not envy me. People think game jobs are fun, and I have had so much more fun at web design...When you like a lot doing graphics, doing every stroke like your personal art boss director wishes (wether is a bad or  good idea) is something you deeply learn to hate in silence. Is what i say; I prefer to just work writing signatures or fixing computers (i did for long, too) than wreck my graphics for the bad technical and/or artistical abilities of X boss... It hurst me more that than just leave a Linux or a Windows just averagely configured...Dunno if I explain well... Besides, is possibly one of the most unstable jobs ever at my area, and huge quantity of hours of work, non stop , over stressed, and with huge crunchtimes, sometimes including weekends. I have been able in late years to avoid that last. At certain age, this life starts to tire a real lot.

Did I remove your envy ;) I should have :)  There's no point ...

Anyway, I think I saw you graphics in the graphics thread and they look excellent.

About pixel art...well, yup.That's the only nice part. But...again, there I am forced to be all time doing bad changes due to everchanging minds...But yep, 3d is arriving. And expanding like a black dirt in the ocean. I have worked at pc realtime game companies, before, in 2 of them . Also in a 2d one, for arcade machines. It sound more than it is. All are small companies...4 , five guys(overcharged/stressed)...8 in the bigger one.

I indeed hae to do loads of 3d as well for mobiles. Expensive ones. Now a mobile can deal easily 1500 or so triangles at real time. Some even much more. And sure will increase at light speed. But models at 400 tris look really edgy, even with good texturing.. ;)  I wouldn't pass to 3d till at least 2000 tris per character are allowed, but like it was in pc, ppl start to get crazy with any 3d thing...wether is good or bad. I yet to see a 3d game of today as entertaining as SC2...maybe the strategy ones, yup.

@Censored :Thanks a lot for the advice. I was in the thought that those graphics in the thread were just fan art, as somewhere I read that they wouldn't do ingame...I guess I must read the 14 pages to get the idea or status of the thing... I thought that art could do very well ingame, but there are many factors for a developer to consider before getting art in a game like starcontrol2, I guess.

I said about the list as I never know when I have some free time. So I guess I'll do as you say, I'll hang around here,  and ask tips bout resolution for art, and what art/sprites can be made. Just for if arrives the momet I can dedicate some chunk of time to do some work for this great game.

Well, now, I'll go for my 6 hours of sleep...see u all perhaps  tomorrow :)

Title: Re: Kudos! Sensational work.
Post by: Censored on February 27, 2006, 02:30:15 am
...I guess I must read the 14 pages to get the idea or status of the thing...
don't worry about it, if I remember correctly the first 5 pages have nothing to do with graphics ;)