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Title: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: tug on March 03, 2006, 06:51:00 pm
Hey all, I've been loving UQM, which I'm just playing for the first time.  It's making me want to go dig up a copy of SC1 for the genesis (which I played when it first came out).  I remember that there were campaigns that one could play, but was there any sort of ending for the game when a person completed all the campaigns in a sitting? I'm sure each campaign had it's own ending screen, but was there anything more when they all were finished?


Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: guesst on March 03, 2006, 08:29:51 pm
In a word, no.

Even the individual campaigns only had two ending screens: Aliance won, Heirchy won. No persistant story. No reward for iron-manning though it.

This brings up one of my favorate fantisies, blending the SC1-stragety mode with SC2 storytelling and creating the lord of all games. I'm not kidding, I have a file (up to 6 pages already) that has a perminant home on my USB stick where I'm developing the idea. And if I weren't so talentless (not to mention constantly pressed for time) I'd make it a reality.

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: tug on March 03, 2006, 10:19:02 pm
Too bad.  Also too bad that the SC1 source code is lost.  It would be relatively easy, I imagine, to mod the ending screens for the scenarios with a little text and link them into a meaningful story.

Of course, nothing will ever come of all our dreams of something more in the Star Control universe.  But, we have SC2, and that's pretty cool. 

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: Bigryan on July 25, 2006, 06:31:56 pm
I was actually making something like that.  But I'm not going to really broadcast my dreams.  I was thinking of making something small (only the original ships) and fun.  Basicly a lot of ripped graphics and a fun story mode with a few sc1 campaigns.

Some of the things that I was thinking would be interesting plotwise would be the human androsynth arguement.  Also the mmnr (sp) chenjusu would be interesting.

So far it's been fun just programming.  Who knows if anything will ever come of it.

I would also like to stay somewhat true to the original story...  We'll see what happens.  So far all I got is the starmap and planet data.

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: Cronos on July 28, 2006, 03:16:59 am
Beginner's Luck

A lone Syreen must prevent Androsynth deployment.

A single Syreen patrolling a distant star cluster comes across an Androsynth development. The newly commissioned Syreen commander decides to engage the Androsynth, thereby ending the threat, and quite possibly winning a quick promotion. The Syreen commander must quickly defeat the Androsynth before he can build additional ships. The Androsynth Alpha+ Commander must choose between defending its colony world, and its Starbase. Time is on the Androsynths' side, and the enemy must come to him.

Outcome: Unknown


A war of production.

In an unexplored sector, the Hierarchy and Alliance detect each others presence from their newly constructed starbases.   Though alone and vulnerable, each starbase has a substantial initial budget with which to build a new star fleet.  Long range deep-radar scans of this region confirm the presence of Precursor artifacts and installations!

Outcome: Stalemate


The Hierarchy must curb rampant Shofixti breeding!

Perhaps the bravest species in the Alliance is the marsupial Shofixti.  Though young as a sentient species, and near feral in psychology, no other race in the Free Stars is so quick and efficient at exploring and exploiting an uncharted region of space. One such Shofixti-built zone has attracted the attention of the Hierarchy, in the form of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought. Its mission: a seek-and-destroy sortie to eliminate all Alliance colony worlds. The only way the Shofixti can emerge victorious is to destroy the Dreadnought before all their colony worlds are lost. 

Outcome: Shofixti Victory, since they're numbers were "Solid Throughout the war"

First Encounter

When spheres of influence meet, battle is inevitable.

In a far sector along the Coreward Frontier, an Alliance resource development team has encountered a small Hierarchy ravage/reclaim unit.  Both commanders face a similar decision: fortify their holdings then expand into enemy space, or make an immediate charge into the enemy's zone, hoping to disrupt his plans before they come to fruition.

Outcome: Uncertain

The Art of War

Match your strength against your enemy's weakness.

TO ALL COMMANDERS!  It has come to the attention of the leadership that certain ships are especially vulnerable to attacks by particular enemy vessels. In your new assignment, beware of these fatal match-ups as you seek to destroy the enemy's Starbase. Consider multi-species, wingbeing pairs. That is all . . .

Outcome: Hierarchy "Loses", considering the Ur-Quan sent the bulk of the Ilwrath fleet agains the Chenjesu and the Mrrnmhrm and the Mycon were sent against the Shofixti/Yehat, leaving the Vux/Androsynth/Umgah against the Humans/Syreen/Arilou...


The Ur-Quan Offensive begins!

An Armada of 6 Dreadnoughts approaches an established Alliance area of space. Can the Alliance withstand the onslaught in this thinly held star cluster? The Hierarchy seeks to conquer this region as a stepping stone to the core of the Free Stars, and the defeat of the entire Alliance fleet. The Alliance must annihilate the Ur-Quan menace.

Outcome: Hayes mentions that their offensive was "Barely held back" and that their counter attack hardly made a dent, "But we held the line, the coreward front remained intact". Alliance Victory.

Total War

Two full fleets face off in a battle to the death!

GENERAL ORDER 1216:  For maximum flexibility in forthcoming combat situations, it is hereby designated that war fleets be composed of a mixture of ships from each of the available races.  Due to shortages in raw materials, starbases are not available.  Concentrate on making good use of Colonies and Fortifications, as well as your knowledge of ship-vs-ship tactical advantages. That is all . . .

Outcome: Honestly could have gone either way.

Proving Ground

The Spathi fleet meets the Mmrnmhrm in deep space.

The newly conquered Spathi are commanded by their Ur-Quan overlords to capture the Mmrnmhrm Star Cluster mines as proof of their worth. The cowardly Spathi have no choice but to engage the tricky Mmrnmhrm in a pitched battle over a thinly populated region of space. The Spathi goal is to destroy all the Mmrnmhrm mining worlds, which supply a large portion of the Alliance income. The Mmrnmhrm must prevent this, at any cost.

Outcome: Uncertain, dependant of the time at which the spathi were ordered. If they were freshly conquered as the mission suggests, then this could be one of those orders that the Spathi simply skipped out on and earnt them one of their "Stern Warnings" from the 'Quan. If however it was after their second warning, after which there would only have been annihilaton, then it's a spathi victory.

Counter Attack

The Alliance strikes back!

For the moment the table is turned, and the Alliance has made a strong counter attack against newly established Hierarchy holdings. Multiple Alliance star fleets move through Hierarchy space towards a final rendevous for battle in Draco.  An Alliance commander arrives in enemy space with a starbase and a small task force.  Additional vessels must be commissioned immediately in order to mount an offensive. The Hierarchy sector-chief must attempt to hold out until the income from its mining worlds allow it to build enough forces to repel the attack.

Outcome: Alliance Victory. Hayes mentioned that he hadn't "...seen an Avenger blown away like that since the Battle in Draco!". Conjecture based on the tone used that the battle indeed went overwhelmingly well and was in all probability one of the last major victories for the alliance before the tables turned once again.

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: guesst on August 01, 2006, 10:27:33 pm
Overall it seems the Aliance had the upper hand. But that just goes to show that you can win every battle and still lose the war.

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: Novus on August 02, 2006, 12:39:05 am
But that just goes to show that you can win every battle and still lose the war.
The enemy having an invincible Precursor battlecruiser doesn't help, of course.

Title: Re: Star Control I--is there an ending for it?
Post by: Lance_Vader on August 02, 2006, 08:14:15 pm
It just so happens that there IS an ending for Star Control 1.  It was so cool, so elaborate and so involved, that we decided to make it a game of its own, and it's called Star Control 2!