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Title: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: Elerium on March 11, 2006, 11:57:13 pm
Share your first memories of Star Control in this topic :)

First off when I was something about 4 or 5 I went over to my cousins house. I can't remember much as it seems all fizzy now but I remember my brother and cousin who must have been in their early teens playing Star Control 1 on the Amiga. I distinctly remembered "Launch Fighters!" including the whole great voice over for it (as well as the Crystal ship (sooner identified as Chenjesu) and the Star System Strategy map). It would stay in my mind for a very long time (years even!). My brother and cousin would have a great time playing Star Con 1 and I would be watching it probably by sitting on the floor.

Fast forward a couple of years until I was.. 8-9? My brother had just said that he got Star Control 3 from a friend. Man we had so much fun with that game. I remember me picking the Kzer-Za Dreadnought against his Arilou Skiff, the voice over for "Launch Fighters!" matched the other YEARS ago. Anyway the most memoriable moment in Hyper-Melee was when I shot a blast in a horizontal line miles away and my brother went on a straight course accidentally and ran into the blast. Of course the hillarity ensued. I also remember the Daktaklakpak, the Kzer-Za (and their whole civil war), Arilou, Doog, Clairconctlar, K'tang.. boy it was all good clean fun. We had to send the disc back though, my brother completed the campaign.

Fast forward until a year ago (2005) I remembered those old memories and found Star Con 2 (along with UQM thanks to Google!). I instantly sat down chewed and played UQM to extinction enjoying every single part of it as well as being remembered as "probably one of the best games I've ever played". When my brother came back we decided to play UQM for old times sake ;) Lots of ships were all easily recognised and more fun ensued..

Soo want to share memories about this game?  :)

Title: Re: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: guesst on March 12, 2006, 12:12:04 am
Having my story already documented back in 2003 here (, (as well as several others) I'll just redirect you there, virtually flooding this thread with first time stories. (Just skip all the angryshrew worship there in the middle. There's more stories at the end.)

Title: Re: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: XR4-IT on March 13, 2006, 09:20:02 pm
I first remember playing SC1 on the saga when I was about 8 or 9. I first started plying with the Ur-Quan Dreadnought until I realized that I could kick its trash with an earthling cruiser. The ship I like the best however is the Androsynth Guardian. Too bad they got killed off.

Admittedly I had not played SC2 until recently. I was given a copy of SC3 by my brother when I was 14 or so and played that all the time. Recently I was thinking you know I’ve never played SC2! So I went hunting and found Ur-Quan Masters on the Pages of Now and Forever.

The game was great; way better the SC3 and I got all that story that I had missed  out on.

Title: Re: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: NamelessPlayer on March 14, 2006, 01:40:37 am
Actually, I never bought this game. I never even found out what made SC2 a classic until UQM 0.4.0.

And let me tell you, I find myself a better person for it once I found out why.

The gameplay was already great, but I think it has something to do with an entire race having some of the most priceless dialogue ever to be found in the history of games. (Seriously, it's not every day when you encounter what looks like a ball-and-stick atom model with some crazed metamollusk inside talking about dreams of owning a mansion surrounded by trees that carry baskets of stones of just the right size, shape, and color-aqua, mauve, or magenta-to throw at monsters!)

Title: Re: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: FIZ on March 15, 2006, 11:16:26 pm
when i was maybe 4 my dad had a 3do and we would play melee. when i was maybe 7, the 3do broke,  and i pretty much forgot about it until i found a starcontrol website and started reading about the main game. and then i found UQM a couple months ago and have been playing  it ever since. i havn't beat it yet.

Title: Re: Memories (or what made you buy this game)?
Post by: Eco-Mono on March 16, 2006, 02:59:52 am
In 1996, my Pop bought a 486 at a swap-meet. The bloody thing had several dozen programms pre-loaded, and one was Star Control 1 (thankfully the cracked version so I didn't need the codewheel). I didn't really think about the game that much until quite a while later, when I was boredly surfing the Internet and found out about Star Control 2. I downloaded the demo, really liked what I saw, and put the full game on my wishlist, and next Christmas I got... Star Control 3. I considered it a decent game at the time, although I did fall prey to the whole "get stuck in a star system, make a colony on an inhospitable world and wait a ####ton of time for enough fuel to leave" syndrome, and I noticed that the plot towards the end had some significant holes.  :-\

Sooooo anyway I eventually bought Star Control 2 from a Direct Download site for $15 shortly before Paul and Fred regained copyrights to the game. I have recently become interested in SC2 again, mainly because a BUNCH of my friends all discovered it at once and have been getting much better than I at SuperMelee. XD