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Title: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: Mugros on April 06, 2006, 11:32:30 pm
I am at the end of the game. But there is no way i can defeat Sa-Matra. With the Chmmr ships i don't even get near and the Utwig ships are only slightly better. Maybe i get to destroy one of the red orbs with a ship before it is destroyed.
In a walkthrough i found that i should get some Yehat ships. Before i didn't complete the Yehat quest. Now i have managed to get the Shofixti and to start the revolt.
But how long does it take to get Yehat ships at the starbase after the revolution started?
And can i transform into the endgame ship before i have Yehat onboard or will they never appear then?

Title: Re: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: XR4-IT on April 06, 2006, 11:41:18 pm
You won’t ever get Yehat ships at the star base, but you can get some off rebel Yehats. After you defeat the guards around the Sa-Matra the Yehat will come to your aide. The Yehat ships work ok on the Sa-Matra, but the Pkunk ships that they bring with them are the best.

Title: Re: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: Mugros on April 07, 2006, 12:15:19 am
Thanks. I just before tried it once more, as i read that the ships appear in the final battle and yes they did. Then i defeated Sa-Matra.
Very nice game. I loved StarFlight on my C-64 and this was fun too. But the endgame was very hard. At some point i had nowhere to go to and i thought time is running out, so the last few steps i did with a walkthrough.

Title: Re: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: guesst on April 07, 2006, 08:00:26 pm
My stragety for defeating the SaMatra is this:
  • Use the Pkunk ships that the Yehat bring you to run around the SaMatra targeting the shield points. The Pkunk is too fast for the enemy bits.
  • Use the one thradash you've held on to this whole time to destroy the SaMatra balls and fireballs by running away from them and flame blasting them when they get close.
  • Fly in the mothership unfettered.
This stragety requires the Yehat revolution and holding on to a thradash till the end.

Hmm, an interesting thread would be "What's your final fleet look like?" Me, I tried to keep one of each ship, which is impossible, so I dropped the ones that I could go and buy at the starbase and only held on to the ones that I knew I wouldn't be able to buy later. Fwiffo, Thradash, I think a Druuge too. I'll have to beat the game again to find out. (Lost all my save games a long time ago)

Title: Re: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: Captain_Smith on April 07, 2006, 10:15:10 pm
Usually when I go to pick up the clear spindle, I hit one of the other conversation options with the Pkunk at the homeworld and get my Pkunk ships that way - they'll gift you 4 of them a game year.

As far as what ships I keep in a fleet, I usually only have the ones that have a direct purpose - I usually keep 1or 2 Arilou around for the Mycon, 1 or 2 Pkunk around for the Sa-Matra, then I usually sell my cruiser early, but I buy it back and keep it for the Druuge you fight for the Utwig Bomb.   Then if I do the Shofixti sub-quest, I bring one of those ships to show the Yehat.  The rest are usually ignored (except for Fwiffo of course) until the Chmmr bomb gets fit to my main ship.  Then for the final battle, I bring 2 or 3 Utwig ships along with the Pkunk ships I saved.

Title: Re: How long until Yehat ships are available?
Post by: MasterNinja on April 10, 2006, 10:11:42 pm
What about the Orz? They're quite useful ships and it makes fun fighting with those, too.

Okay, in my first run with UQM 5.0  I sold  Fwiffo early and never really used him, because I remembered that ship as "completely useless" from my early times when I played Star Control II.

When you don't have Spathi, Orz Nemesis can save your butt pretty well, e.g. against the probes.

Later I discovered the Spathi Eluder is quite good.... I figured out an explanation for my "completely useless"-assumption: propably I did use the ship without filling up crew, back when I played Star Control II.  ;)