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Title: Nintendo Revolution and Star Control (sequel) for it?
Post by: timofonic on April 16, 2006, 08:42:21 pm
Nintendo wants small development companies for their Virtual Console, look at this: Jay Moore Interview (

There are strong rumours about Garagegames joining into the Nintendo Revolution's Virtual Console.

Probably people here knows about Nintendo Revolution, his interesting 3D controller and the "Virtual Console".

I think Nintendo Revolution could be a great platform for this game, think of a itunes-like game selling system for cheap distribution and getting benefits faster, plus the game will be better knowed in that kind of platform than on the average PC market (full of cloned FPS games). And not forget the Revolution controller might become quite interesting for navigating between the interface (think of a cool 3D interface) and controlling the game in a lot manners.

Nintendo said to help small game developer companies if they want to develop for their Nintendo Revolution.

Maybe Nintendo Revolution could be a help for puttin the Star Control sequel to the masses! ;)

And a SC2 remake with polished graphics and detailled designs could sell good in their "Virtual Console" too ;)