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Title: Star control 3 (spoiler warning)
Post by: StaffyStar on April 18, 2006, 03:40:35 pm
During the easter I tried to play star control 3.
I figured since the ur quan masters is that great, the sequel coudnt be that bad after all.
I've read alot about the story in star control 3 and liked it alot. The story and the answers to the mysteries from star control 2 is great. I thought that all the people complaning about star control 3 were just old nostalgics.

Then I played it.

It sucked.

But i still LOVED the story.  I think that someone should make a remake of the sequel but use the real story. But with other stuff to move forward in it. For an example you could have sim city like colonies.

I've seen alot of remake project linked from this page, but how come they are all discontinued?

And is it legal to make a remake of starcontrol 3? Well i guess you could call it something else, but I mean using the race names and the real story?


Title: Re: Star control 3 (spoiler warning)
Post by: Elerium on April 19, 2006, 08:36:50 pm
Uhhh lots of people here REALLY hate the Eternal Ones... and the story... including myself...

But I liked the races, the K'Tang were awesome in the way you could trick them into insulting themselves.

TFB are talking with Activision on how to do a sequel to Star Control?. But anyhow they say theres a sequel along the line so keep our fingers crossed and our hands rubbed with ointment and hope for the best!

As for me I want to see the Orz as the main antagonist this time :P