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Title: Widescreen support
Post by: Liquidus on May 01, 2006, 11:54:48 am
Hey guys, I'm a huge fan, as no doubt everyone here is. However, I have a widescreen monitor, and was wondering if there was any UQM support for widescreen? I'm running at 1440x900 (16:10). Perhaps it could be included in the next version?


Title: Re: Widescreen support
Post by: Novus on May 01, 2006, 01:02:51 pm
UQM is designed, roughly like the 3DO version, to run at 320x240 with square pixels (with optional scaling to another resolution), so the best you can do at this stage is run UQM in a window or in full screen with pillarboxing (as opposed to stretching the image horizontally).

To use pillarboxing in full screen UQM, you can make use of the fact that SDL automatically increases the screen resolution to the closest large enough resolution; specify a full screen resolution that is actually a 4:3 window in the desired screen mode. For example, in your case, you'd want to use a full screen resolution of 1200x900 (and hope/make sure that SDL has to choose 1440x900 instead). Use the normal command line resolution switch (--res) to set this resolution. This is only a quick hack, so it may not work as expected (the resulting image may or may not be centered on the screen; it works fine in Linux for me, but weird things have been known to happen in Windows, like the image filling the whole screen anyway or being off to one side).

In the future, UQM will probably support higher resolutions and it should be possible to take non-4:3 aspect ratios into account when redesigning the graphics system. In particular, the DOS version used a 16:10 resolution (320x200), so it may be possible to use the DOS version's screen layout to make better use of widescreen.